Final Fantasy IV-2?

I think you missed the part about “hot pants” in the phrase “hot pants”.

those pants were what we found when we looked up hot pants on google.

:moogle: well that and a bunch of lengerie. but we work on wishmaster rules. meaning that we grant the wish but we make it literal and kill the wisher in a irony themed death.

Look at Yuna in FFX-2. She has hot pants.

I wanna see Sohee<!-- 's avatar --> in boy shorts ;3

Um technicly those arn’t pants. Its just half of a frilly skirt atached to a pair of ridiculously short shorts.


Hot pants are almost underwearlengh short shorts…

You do know that at the Littern Tree… (series of Bar/pubs)

Hot pants = Short Shorts
Boy shorts = god

Hot pants =/= pants. Hot pants are short shorts, as Steve said.

They should have made Final Fantasy X2 be a adult sex comedy like Eurotrip

Better yet, tehy should have made it serious. I mean that big “I know it’s selfish but this is my story” cliffhanger should have definately led to a more serious sequel

They should make ecchi anime be more like adult sex comedies, and less foreplay hijinks

Holy shit. You are funny.

Bad Setz!! No necroposting! No cookie for you.

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