Final Fantasy IV-2?

Well, our friends RPGamer tell us more about FF4GBA. Looks like it is actually jointly developed by Square-Enix and Nintendo.
And they apparently seem interested in developing a sequel (I vaguely recall when FF3 was announced for GBA, SE said they wanted to develop an all-new FF game for the GBA. What happened there?).

FF4 is the last game I’d expect would need a sequel… it wrapped everything up so nicely.

Well, it did wrap up the story, but there’s still possibilities. (I can’t believe I’m using a spoiler tag for a 15 year old game… if you haven’t played it yet, you’re probably not going to… -_-)

Golbeze and Fusoya are still out there on that other moon, ‘sleeping.’ Rubicante and gang were revived at least once after Cecil and gang defeated them, so there’s nothing that says that they couldn’t be revived again. Golbeze as a villian probably isn’t likely for a sequel since it was utilized in the original, but he could be a party member, with the loss of so many characters in FFIV (though, technically, only one was lost permanently). I’m not sure what the ‘great evil’ would be, but they’ve got plenty to play with. They could start several years in the future, show Palom, Porom, and Rydia as more grown up people, so the outcome of Kain’s solitary training, and see how everyone has been able to manage their countries with absolutely no governmental experience what-so-ever (with the possible exceptions of Gilbert and Edge).

If I had to choose any game to get a sequel, I would definetly choose FFIX.

That is just because FF9 is your favorite. FF9 was wrapped up pretty well.

Yeah, FF4 was wrapped up so well, why make a sequel? FF10 made sense because of the little bit at the end with Tidus. Hell, FF10 was the only one that really did leave things sort of open.

Well, Chrono Trigger basically had everything wrapped up at the end also. And guess, Chrono Cross was still made. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga also was wrapped up, and it has a sequel coming in a few months. RPGs don’t always have to leave cliffhangers in order to get a sequel.

I think sequals for FF games are most uneeded. But take a look at 12 and tell me if you want (possibly) another game like that.

Chrono Trigger also had a bunch of different endings, some more wrapped up than the others. Chrono Cross was almost a competely different game, so it didn’t contiue it as much. Besides, with different dimensions and time traveling, the possibilties open up a bit more since you don’t have to stick closely to the original game. Also, Mario doesn’t really count. Mario isn’t so much of a story as it is a universe. There are charcaters and basics, but no story really builds on the previous games.

I wanna see a hot pants wearing Rydia.

I don’t think any FF needs a sequel, there is always options for more story, but that’s not what FF has been about, that’s why it’s always a different world and different characters. Until FFX-2, i only played it a bit and i didn’t see it having much going for it. Hot pants indeed, that’s all it was, a lesson that sex deprived teens would buy anything with cleavage. as far as i’ve heard there wasn’t even any summoning! a FF with no summoning??!!

my opinion: SE should stay away from sequels, though they probably don’t care what i the player want and will do it for the money anyway.

What about Final Fantasy X-2-2?


Was on the table, but they dicided not to,

When did SE announce FFX-2-2?

They Didn’t. They annouced that they will not be doing it.

Then what did you mean when saying “Was on the table.”

It’s called “playing along with a sarcastic remark”

“Was” I beleve, is Past tense… Man, basic grammer, You’ve got to be ashamed of yourself.

The there is a stament in some old interviews a few months back, on a SE round up.

Quina, if they say they’re not doing it, that means they tossed the idea around (it was “on the table”) and they decided not to.
Good job.

Most ideas die “on the table.”

Quina’s will, too.

Possible Before…

Wish granted.

:moogle: Lets see payment for one wish is one immortal soul. now payup.