Final fantasy in the Olympics

I was debating whether to post this here oir in the general forum. But I think here is best. Did anyone else notice the song that the USA team was using in their duet synchronized swimming routine? It was on wednesday Morning, the 25th I believe. They were using the opening theme of ff8, the one that plays in the fmv when you start a new game. They won third I believe and I think it’s pretty neat they used final fantasy music.

i saw that with a friend and both of our minds were blown.

It’s absolutely amazing that final fantasy pops up where you least expect it.

Do you know when/if it’s going to be shown again?

I didn’t see it because I miss it.

I don’t watch the Olympics because watching sports bores me, but that sounds awesome! I wish I could have seen that.

Grrargh, and with the least watched sport in the universe, too. :stuck_out_tongue: Liberi Fatali is like, one of my favorite songs in the universe. That’s pretty neato that they used it. Maybe there’s a video of it floating around on the inner net somewhere, everthing is in there these days.

cool…awww wish i could of seen it tho kicks the floor

There is.

Big Nutter
I got it

Yeah, i agree, watching sports is boring… except for womens volleyball… I did watch the Judo matches too. Wish i’d heard that music though, pretty cool.

Is it on a webpage or an Fserve somewhere? I’d love to see it for myself. Although I can’t download it if it’s just on Kazaa, since my university’s firewall tends to block those. >_<

Translation: OMG LINXZ0RZ PLZ!!!11