Final Fantasy III question

When and where do I see Shadows dreams? I’ve never seen all of them.

You have to have him in your party when you stay at an inn, and even then you’re not guaranteed to see one. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen ANY of his dreams.

Try staying at multiple inns in different towns.

Just have him in your party and keep staying at an inn. I’m not sure if it matters whether you’re in the WoB or WoR, but I know you don’t need to go to multiple inns.

I believe there’s a higher chance of seeing them if you sleep in Thamasa.

I remember a while back that Square said that there are seven dreams of his. Also heard they only appear in certain towns. I never saw all of them, I know of 5, and I do not know of anybody who has viewed all of them, either.

I’ve seen all of them. :slight_smile:

Except maybe Relm’s dream, I can’t remember for sure if I saw that one or not. Ah well, I can always load up one of my saves and go see it. :slight_smile:

I remember Square said that if you see al of them, Shadow’s portion of the ending will change and he stays alive.

I saw most of his dreams (5 I think) in one certain town in the WoR. It was the town right beside the desert where you can fight Cactuar and that huge sand beast thing and earn major MP.

Didn’t two of his dreams have a MUCH lower probability of occuring than the others?
I’ve only seen five of them myself.

There are only five. They do not affect his ending. Everything else is a rumor.

Cidolfas is right.

Although I can’t remember if the 5 dreams includes the dream Shadow has when you recruit him in the WoR (or Relm’s dream for that matter), which may account for the other 2.

Hiryuu is right…People usually say there are 7 dreams, but that’s because they include Relm’s dream in case Shadow dies right before WoR and Shadow’s short dream inside that Veldt cave (forgot its name). I’m pretty sure you can recruit Shadow and see all the other 5 dreams in WoR, anywhere should be ok. Or was it 4 dreams and 2 extras? Man it’s been a long time, I feel like replaying a bit right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! YOu guys have never seen their dreams? Hey, I managed to get into them every time I’ve played. It’s fun, but not really so awesome… fun though!


Oh, then I guess I HAVE seen them all. Thanks y’all.

HEY! Are you able to learn spells without espers? Sabin just learned Shell, but its before I even get any espers, is this a glitch or somthing?

No, you can learn some spells from equipment. On the item screen, press A twice on a piece of equipment to see who can use it, then press left to see what spells it teaches. If you took the Ragnarok sword over the esper, that’s the only way you can get the Ultima spell (from the Paladin Shield).

(see, I know stuff about Final Fantasy, too… I’m a fan of the series, I just don’t mention it much here… >_>)

Damn cheater already has a Force Shield. >O

How do you know he’s cheating?

If I was going to cheat, why would I have NOT already learned all the spells? I have only Shell! I’m using somones old saved game. It has a few items more than you should have at this point, not every single item times 99, and not so much that it takes any fun out of it. I had like ten items, not counting tonics and antdots at the begining of the game. The items on there are only really good towards the begining of the game, and even so, arent that great. And I’m already getting better items that make the Force shield absolete. And I havent even done Lock and Terras quests yet. The items on there are only really good towards the begining of the game, and even so, arent that great. I’m still heading to narsche. So suck it!