Final (Fantasy) Fight Club

Hey hey hey-

If you could pit any two (or more) FF characters against each other, who would it be and why? Who would win? p:unch::

I like to see Seifer and Garland go up against Kuja and Cloud in a tag-team battle royale! Hoo yeah!! :victoly:

Seifer and Garland would kick MAJOR ass!!

I’d like to see Yuna and Rydia go against Faris and Rosa.

Yuna&Rikku Vs Paine&Lulu… in a mud Arena…

Kefka Vs Sephiroth

Tidus Vs Shuyin

Rikku&Selfie VS Squall&Auron!

Edgar vs. Sabin … Brother against Brother

You’re not your job. You’re not how much gil you have in the bank. You’re not the chocobo you ride. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking armour. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

Edward vs Bannon.

No. Me&myself vs Paine&Lulu… in a mud Arena or a chocalate pudding Arena…

Auron vs. Sephiroth. What a fight that would be. :smiley:

Either that or Squall vs. Seifer, this time done properly, like in the intro only longer.

And sod having the FF girls one-on-one in a pudding arena, have you never heard of melee rules? :wink:

Squall Leonheart VS Leonheart from FF2j - Release the Lions!
Benjamin (FFMQ) VS Bartz (FF5) - Battle of the No-Personality Guys!
Desh (FF3j) VS Edge (FF4) - Who Will Be the Ultimate Ladies Man?

Ultimecia vs. Sin


FFX2-That guy from FFX2… his name begins with an ‘A’, last boss vs. Uh…ExDeath.

I would actually love to see a three way fight between, Vincent (without being able to use his gun), Amarant and Auron. Those three very different fighting styles would make for an interesting fight.

lavos vs Sin. Those too are really quite similar when you think about it.
yuffie vs. Rikku (annoying thief versus annoying theif)
Cloud vs Squall (which storm will win?)

Ah, a better question is - who would make it to Project Mayhem?

Interesting, and though I’d find myself rooting for the ladies, Sorry to say this, but Auron and Squall would beat the living shit out of Rikku and Selphie.

The Fight(s) I would want to see would be
Cloud vs. Tidus in a bitchiness contest
Kefka vs. Exdeath
Delita(FFT) vs. Ramza(FFT)
Auron vs. Orlandu(FFT)
And Finally, Palom & Porom vs. Aeris and Yang With Izlude as a special guest referee in the Mixed Tag Battle of FF Characters with Early Deaths.

Not really the girls would probably be hard to hit.

all the Weapons against the black aeons

>_< WOW that’s a battle

Oh and of course , the Richter (Is that his english name???) should join in.

Well, he’s more well-known as Penance, though Das Richter works too.


Dr. Kadowaki versus Dr. Tot!!! Guest referees would be Namingway and Fat Chocobo!!! :eek:

A cage match of all the incarnations of Cid (even that crappy Sid from the movie) in a melee battle to the finish!!! Who will survive? Does anybody care??

Necron versus Chaos!!! Who will come out on top? Either way we’re all screwed!! :bowser:

Thank you!

(I don’t want to be the big show-off, but “Der Richter” is the correct form … just a little note)