Final Fantasy Damage Calculations


Phone Squaresoft and beg them for their secrets!

Check GameFAQs. I know there are formula FAQs for the SNES versions of FF4 and FF6 (US 2 and 3), at least.



Check 'Algorithms Faq"

Also, use the Search option (at the top of the page) for other FF game faqs.

Well i think the randomness is including a dice roll (eg- 1D6 + 6 strength x 1D4) i think but look it up. In fact i might look it up.

The randomness is actually pseudo-randomness. Any computer program that creates a random number does so from a “seed” usually based on something like the current time in milliseconds. It’s similar to a computerized dice roll, but if you use savestates on an emulator, you can replicate things that are supposedly random.

All RPGs (and most video games) use randomness in some ways. Generally damage in RPGs is calculated by taking the strength stat of the attacker, subtracting the defense stat of the target, and multiplying by a random factor, also factoring in things like elemental strengths and weaknesses (which might divide the damage by half, for instance). Generally the randomness factor seems to be something like 1%. Of course all of this varies from game to game and even in attacks within a single game, but that seems to be the basic rule of thumb.