Final Fantasy Cosplay... show yours off ^^

Ok, I’m sorry if this does not belong here… if it doesn’t please let the thread die in peace, and out of flames way ^^
Show off your Final Fantasy cosplay! You know you want to! And if you don’t have one, share what you are planning to do!
I have many Final Fantasy cosplays complete and planned ^^
My completed ones are: Summoner Yuna, Songstress Rikku, Gunner Yuna and Zidane Tribal.
I’m currently working on Ruby from Final Fantasy IX, and I have Princess Garnet and Lady Luck Rikku planned ^^
You can find all my meager work at under the username Yunabug

I have a feeling there aren’t too many other people here who actually cosplay… -_-

I once dressed up as Cecil for Halloween back when I was nine, does that count? Don’t have a picture of that, which is a sham,e sicne my mom did a BITCHIN’ costume.

Pally or Dark Knight Cecil? I’m assuming pally, since it seems like the simpler costume.

Well, there may not be many people who cosplay on these boards, but I know alot of people who do really good FF cosplays ^^

… but Dark Knight Cecil is more likely to make for a BITCHIN’ costume. :smiley:

Exactly. I jsut wish anyone knew what I was dressed like. Ah,w ell, as I recall, I got a lot of candy that year, and everyone thought it was a great Knight Costume.

Awe! That’s awesome! I never had cool cotumes when I was little, just cheap wal-mart ones XD

Me mother was one of thsoe awesome mothers who lvoed to use her kid’s wishes to test out ehr stuff. S he sewed and made costumes, cooked cakes in the shape of amusing stuff, painted murals… God, I wish I’d taken a picture of the painting she did on ym wall of Super Mario World! That thing was awesome! (for those wondering: It was of the scene when Mario was about to enter a Dungeon, and was hopping off Yoshi to go in alone.)

could someone tell me what cosplay is

Costumeplay, basically. It’s jsut dressing up as your favorite characters froma show, or game, or whatever.

These guys dressed up as the Ninja Turtles at my school for Halloween once. :o

XD The only costume I’ve worn to school is Summoner Yuna (with some alterations to fit school dress code) and that was for Halloween.

I never really elt anything like School sanctioned dress codes stop me before. I wore a bathrobe to school for an entire week. THis was in February, mind you. No reason for it, I jsut felt like it. Some days, I changed it up a little. one time I got girls to hand on my arms and told people I was Hugh Hefner, another time, Stethoscope and Groucho classes to make me Hawkeye Pierce.

Well, most of my costumes are totally not appropriate for regular school wear…

I dressed up like a black power ranger for Halloween , made a Vivi hat and mask (its the coolest by the way) and my mother made me a Superman “S” logo and cape :slight_smile:
When I was little

Dude I go to school fucking naked


Closest I got to cosplay was going as Mario for Halloween when I was 10. Not sure if that counts.

Awe, now I feel weird that I still cosplay ^^;