Final Fantasy Awards!

I was thinking, and I’ve come up with a list of oscar-type awards for the Final Fantasies (these are my own opinion, feel free to post your own or add some more)

Best Lead: Zidane, FF9
Best Supporting Character: Zell FF8
Best Cid: Cid Highwind, FF7
Best Mini Games: FF7
Longest Game: FF8
Best Villain: Kekfa, FF6
Best Story: FF8
Best Love Interest: Rosa, FF4
Best All Around Game: Undecided

Give best support to Rydia

you sure as hell better not take my idea!!

if you do i will have to kick your sorry cyber ass!!! :fungah:

Sigh… this has only been done 4575432457 times already…

That much is pretty clear from all the other topics on it.

Yeah, seriously, the idea of Final Fantasy Awards is almost as original as the “List Your Favorite FF’s in order!” thread, which is almost as original as the “Favorite FF?” thread.

Who cares about who likes what? Without detailed opinion, threads like these turn real old real quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. But never have I seen FF8 named the longest, ahead of FF6.

FF6 wasn’t even long…

Yeah, FF6 is relatively short for an RPG. I think I managed to get to the final dungeon in under 20 hours. Which really ain’t that long, when you are referring to RPGs.

I think Tactics might be the longest. 50-60 hours if you take a moderate amount of time to level up.

8 did take a lot longer than 6. Evangelion…is Valkyrie Profile as hard as I have heard it was? I heard that game was a real @#$% to beat. Take care all.

VP is hard, unless you use the Union Plume/Auto Item trick. 8)

Depends on the mode. Some dungeons will make you recoil in terror due to their sheer annoyance. And depends on the weapon…aaaaand like Dalton said, whether you use Auto item/Union Plume (even with that combo, beating some bosses can be a real bitch)

I’m playing through it on hard, and so far except for a couple of the bosses I’ve not found it remotely hard, and even there they die fast enough. I still have about 2 mil in my EXP Orb (I keep forgetting about it).

Apparently Hard is actually much easier than Easy. 8p Because you can get more characters, more and better items, etc. The monster difficulty isn’t any different.

For beginners, Normal may seem like a challenge, if they aren’t used to the flow. Once you pretty much master the game and get a feel for it, like Cid said, Easy seems actually the hardest mode.

I can imagine that. :\

But of course, on Easy you can’t get the best ending. Silly Enix.

Derktar thinks to himself is he talking about my thread?, oh no
Derktar hangs himself for his thread

Sorry I wouldn’t have made it a thread If I had known it had been done before.