Final Fantasy Awards: Best Mountain!!

What is the best mountain in an FF game?

[sarcasm]I like Mount Niitaka.[/sarcasm]

Really though I like Mount Nibelheim. But it’s not on the list so I picked Corel.

Oops, forgot about Mt. Nibel. That and I had a nightmare about it so I didn’t include it out of spite.

That’s fine, and I must say I like how you spell everything correctly in your Final Fantasy Award polls.

but that is because i haven’t played all the other games from this list, so i don’t know if i like this mountains

besides: is there any point in asking questions about mountains?

Of course!

I do want to say that this thread is pretty Creative.

Please, has no one any sense of satire any more?

…back OT (assuming that wasn’t the T in question), gagazet. I enjoy a good challenge :slight_smile: Corel’s BGM (on the way up) was pretty good, though

This one is good, too!

I’m going with Mt. Gagazet; it’s cold, unforgiving, and not for the weak. It’s a significant turning point in FFX’s difficulty, and home of my favourite scene in the game.

I believe I’ll have to go with Mt. Koltz for 200, Sohee. It brings to me, memories filled of HP loss and Gore, the attack that took out poor little Terra and Locke and accounted for 95% of my deaths. That, coupled with the vengeance of Vargas and the coming of the mighty fisted Sabin truely inspires me to re-tell my tales of travel of FF6. It fills a gap in my youthful heart, bringing back old feelings of Super NES-age tenderness and naivete, an era of my life that I am most proud of. I commend you for making an excellent poll, one that has filled me with happy tears of the olden days, of when I was 10 years old and utterly incapable of getting past Mt Koltz during my first play-through. In short, I sucked.

Thanks again,


Koltz, because that’s where You get Sabin to join your party.

You’re running dry of ideas aren’t you?

I pick Nibel, it’s where I got stuck trying to figure out how to get the chests. Still haven’t figured it out either!!

I leik Mt Coral becuz it haz a hyooj peek!

Whatchoo talking about? This is my first poll.

I think he’s confusing you with cait.

Mt. Duergar (FF1) ownz all those mountains. It has DWARVES! Then again, so does Conde Petie…

But Duergar is underground. That’s not a mountain.

Pff, Mt. Duergar. It’s Dwarf Cave. That’s like the opposite of a mountain.

Also, I can’t believe I forgot Mt. Gulug from FF9, it had awesome music. (Remix of Gurgu Volcano from FF1)

Mauna Kea isn’t on land either, but it’s still the tallest mountain ev0r. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a cave in a mountain, though. And even the mountains you never climb are still considered mountains.