final fantasy awards best airship...again

ok here is the real pole.

again i really liked the ragnoric. :moogle:

Same answer as before: :thud: I like the Messerschmitt A67A.

hey admiral do you know what happened to the close thread button?

the reason i ask is because when i tryed to close the other thread i coundent find the button. :moogle:

You can’t close your own thread.

Edit- The Ragnarok wasn’t an airship it was a spaceship.

strange you used to be able to.

and the ragnoric was a space ship

but it was used ass an airship therfor it still counts. :moogle:

You were never able to, as far as I know.

You weren’t.

Dude, you make too many FF polls :stuck_out_tongue: Why not just make one big one, without clicky options and just make categories so people can vote on their own?

Eva, that would require using some form of intelligence. And as far as I have been able to tell Cait Sith, has no intelligence of any kind.

Anyway, the Ragnarok gets my vote, because it had style.

ragnaroek, caus:

it has a cool shape
a nice color
a rocking theme

and it was piloted by my personal fave selphie

but i also liked that whale-thing in ff4, hey why isn’t that in the options?!

bite me.

i havent gotten that far on ff4. sweatdrop
my playstation stoped working for some reason. :moogle:

I think it would broken then.

no i mean the playstation wont work when i want to play ff4 or chrono cross/trigger.

any other game works fine. :moogle:

Then the games are messed up.

Holy poo, someone who actually spelled Ragnaroek the proper (Non-FF) way.
(That is, Ragnarök, which is the same as Ragnaroek)

Here’s a fun thread. 8)

I’m going to go with [STRIKE]Lombardia from WA2 and WA3[/STRIKE] the Hilda Garde 3.

no i had bought the games a few weeks earlier and were keeping them in there best condition.

the playstation was able to play them until one day the playstation justed stoped.

after that day the playstation wont play ff4 or chrono cross/trigger. :moogle:


But the best airship/overworld song is Searching for Friends!!

Where the hell is the airship from the first one?

It was a freakin’ relief to get it, since there were so many damned random encounters.

What’s the deal with this poll? There are hardly any choices…

The best airship is the Big Whale from FF4, with the Invincible from FF3 (not the one from FF9) as a close second.

Honorable mention goes to the Blackjack from FF6, because Setzer rocks. :wave:

The one in FFVI!