Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest coming to PS3 and 360?

Or Yoichi Wada is fishing for a better (exclusive) deal?

“We will decide by E3 in May [2006] as to whether to release them on both the PS3 and Xbox, or just one platform,” Wada told Reuters.

If the Xbox deal goes trough, I am picking Xbox instead of PS3 for my next “plaything”.

Holy shit. That fucking sucks. I’m kind of turned off by the PS3 anyways, because of the CD registration thing; but the X-box 360 I won’t acquire for a while (sold out everywhere =/).

I’d like to give Sony the finger myself, but the thing is, the reverse compatibility of the PS3 with my game library is what would push me in that direction.

Can the PS3 play PS1 games, or just PS2 games? The DS can’t play GBC or below games, right? I thought it’d not take the same route.

I’ve heard both that it will play PS1 games and that it won’t, and I’ve heard both of these things from official Sony press releases. I’m turned off by Sony’s business practices these days, so I’d be ecstatic to see DQ on 360 (I intentionally left out FF, because between X-2 and the XII demo, I might be done with that series for good).