Final Fantasy A+

That had cool animation, but a stupid story.

<Neh. Why should I?>

Already seen it. It’s cool ++

I give it a “C.” For “Crap.”

Maybe you should wait until it’s done loading, and then actually watch it.

Shut up!

Already seen it.

I give it a Check+++

That story was just as good as any actually FF game :stuck_out_tongue:

Very awsome steve ^^ So cute XD;; it was funny what attacks they used. Too much homework, ha! XD


That was actually pretty cool. Very strange story, but not bad. Not bad at all.

That was awsome.

Cool… That was awsome.

Ha, that was cute, AND cool at the same time. I LOVE the attack names. XD

That was excellent.

No one even mentioned him saying it was for an actual school thing >>;

Having SEEN it now, I hafta say that’s pretty good. And my dad (who came in at the tail end) liked the “Crap, I forgot to save!” part. Because my computer is crap, however, it started going out of synch with the sound.

That was really cute ^^ Especially the sing-songey ending to the battles. heh.

I destroy this flash animation with a single word: CRAP!

The twins are in agreement… >_>

Did anyone else get the fact that the final boss’s weakness was multiple choice, which is why the fourth attack worked? :sunglasses: Very imaginative.

[looks at Steve’s ava; looks at WILDMAN’s ava] Uh-oh, looks like the bunny and the cat are splittin’ up …