Final Fantasy 8- worth finishing?

I’ve beaten every Final Fantasy game except for Final Fantasy 8. Something about the first 6 hours rubs me the wrong way. The designs are very boring and mundane compared to Square’s other games, the characters irritate me, the gameplay irritates me, the story irritates me…yadda yadda.

Is this game misunderstood, or is it just the piece of shit that a lot of people have made it out to be?

Hades Shinigami is gonna kill you. But before he does, let me answer you: yes. Give this game a chance. The weirdness that will ensue near the end of the game will make you want to know how it will end. It’s not that bad of a game afterall, trust me…And then it’s hella easy to finish. I’ll tell you more when you’re on the GF-collecting trip (if you ever will).

The game has several redeeming qualities but it already seems like you are hating all of them, so I’ll just leave it to Hades to bite your head off later. Also, where are you? 6 hours can be anywhere into the game.

Just finish it so you can brag about how you beat every Fantasy game created to this day when they insult you :smiley:

Its better than IX, X, and X-2… Finish the damn thing, its worth it.

No. If you didn’t like the first six hours, chances are you will kill yourself if you play the rest.

Personally, I liked the “boring designs.” It was nice to see a more serious game by Square that didn’t have a dozen SD anthropomorphized animal races running around. Final Fantasy VIII was something that seemed like it could happen in real life, save for a few ridiculous moves like Lionheart and Desperado.

Don’t choose to play a menu-based role-playing game and then complain about gameplay. You knew what you were getting yourself into.

Don’t <i>play games</i> for <i>story.</i> Story can be a nice additional feature, but it won’t save a game from terrible gameplay.

Final Fantasy VIII was created for a more mature gamer who could appreciate a love story, atmosphere, and an ingenuity-driven battle system. If your goal is to slice up as many monsters as you can with your furry SD protagonists wielding eighteen foot weapons, you’re looking in the wrong place.

May I disagree? FFX is the best FF period (at least IMO). FFVIII may be better than the XI and the X-2, but not the X. No no boy. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Cid, gotcha.

And I think FF9’s the best. In other words, don’t listen to anyone on this forum who says that any particular game is the best, because you will be forced to disagree with a good chunk of them anyway.

I will say that I’m pretty happy I played FF8 once. I’d never touch it again, but it was nice to get through. Having said that, it was pretty tough at places. If you find yourself really bored, maybe take a break for a week or two and then try again.

I thought the ending for FF8 was awesome, and made up for a lot that I didn’t like about the game. I’m going to once again disagree with Hades and say that a good story can make up for bad gameplay.

Am I the only one who didn’t think VIII’s ending was the greatest shit ever? I liked it, yes, but I’ve seen better (And I’ve seen worse, of course). I thought IX’s ending was a lot more emotional, working with more or less the same idea.

I thought FF8 was a great game, and I think it’s totally worth beating it for the last boss fights alone.

I agree with you, it’s not the best ever. It’s just that it’s very good. Compared to all the games that we see these days with terrible endings, it was refreshing.

  Hahaha. I don't like fury protagonists that much either; I'm a big FF6 guy, so FF8 fell short for me. And while I do agree with the story thing for most games, I disagree completely for RPGs; The story is half the game.

  I agree completely about the gameplay thing; I take back what I said about the system; my biggest quam is having to watch the fucking summons over and over again every time I use them. But the system isn't that bad really.

  No offense though, you sound like an asshole playing up your maturity, and acting like you're above us because you "get" FF8. Remember, we're talking about a video game, not James Joyce. It's not high art.

::Glares at Final Fantasy 4::

Welcome to high-graphic Final Fantasy.

Finally, someone who agrees. Arguing about the maturity level of a videogame is pointless. Anyone can play any level of game and enjoy it, and I personally find convoluted plots more tedius than impressive. It’s not necessarily more mature and you’re right about that. It’s just directed at people who are more down to earth and appreciate a level of realism that isn’t completely spoiled by copious fairy-tale material.

GFs suck.

I’m going to once again disagree with Hades and say that a good story can make up for bad gameplay.
If you say so. A <i>game</i> with bad <i>gameplay</i> isn’t much of an investment imo, though.

Am I the only one who didn’t think VIII’s ending was the greatest shit ever?
No. FFVIII’s ending actually provided CLOSURE, and that absolutely killed any immediate replay value. I liked the humorous cutscenes though.

Doomtrain didn’t suck, you could cause Vit=0 on many bosses with it, in case you don’t want to use precious Meltdowns better used on stat boosts. The rest suck though.

hahaha. I dunno. It seemed like it was longer than the other games.

hahaha. I dunno. It seemed like it was longer than the other games.

I think it would be a tie with FFX for the longest one, but if you are a perfectionist gamer and you want everything in the game, then FF9 is by far the longest.

I agree with Hades that FF8 was for more mature RPG fans. Even if alot of the elements did not compare with the rest of the series, FF8 was an involving and realistic RPG.

I think it’d be more accurate to say FF8 is more strictly for mature gamers. Most RPGs can be enjoyed on various levels by people of various ages. FF9 in particular (while we’re on the subject) has some really deep and interesting angles to it which would be missed by younger gamers, but it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy playing it.