final fantasy 6

espers. i’m missing some. 4. well::::: okay, one of the espers i’m missing, i had, but upgraded it odin=> raiden, the other one, i chose to make the :moogle: hahaha it’s mog---- sorry, the other one, i chose to make the thingy, the stone, (what are they called? dammit i think i’m going thru the first stages of alzheimer’s, i can’t remember what these things are called even tho i KNOW what they’re called::::: but you know what i mean. anyway. :moogle: heeeheheeh mog-- sorry again), i chose to make the, uhm, stone, which i know what it’s called, dammit, into the sword. (wait a minute, was it the sword or the shield? no, nevermind, the shield’s something else) yea, so i’m missing 2 espers. one of them doesn’t matter but the other one does, it matters because i’m also missing one spell. in my list of spells i’m missing ONE. and i’ve been everywhere, everywhere but kefka’s tower. there are also two dragons i haven’t fought but i’m assuming that these 2 are in kefka’s tower but what this completist needs, is the 2 espers i need, so i can learn that spell. in the list of espers in the ffvi shrine i can see 3 espers im missing— ragnarok, which i think was the one i turned into a sword, :wave: hehe setzer’s having a boogie— k i’ll stop now::::: yea, then there’s odin who i levelled up anyway, and the other one i’m missing is crusader, off whom you can learn the spell merton, which is probably the spell i’m missing, too::::: right. so, now, to the question.

can anybody tell me where to find this guy crusader? thankyou.

MAGICITE, that’s what they’re called, damn my memory

If you have yet to enter Kefka’s Tower, the last two dragons are indeed there. Inside you’ll fight the Gold Dragon (second wussiest of the 8, after Pearl) and Skull Dragon (not much better). So if you’ve fought the 6 dragons outside the tower already, you have to go in to get the last two.

(Also, if you happen to encounter a rare Doom Dragon inside, it’s not a dragon you have to kill, just a random enemy.)

(Also also, Ragnarok is the one that can be turned into a sword. If you do that, you have to learn Ultima through the Paladin Shield.)

i’ve learned ultima thru the paladin shield, it’s pretty great. it was fun to use in that tower where you meet the paedophile. you know. the cult of kefka tower with all the monsters where you can’t physically attack, you can only use magic or items::::: yea, it’s fun.

so where can i find this final esper?

and, thanks for the dragon info.

all bosses are easy as fuck now, or random enemies who are particularly difficult, cos unless i’m in a fighting mood (if i’m in a fighting mood and want to see these guys bleed to death then i won’t do this but) i just vanish them to up my magical accuracy to 100% then cast doom on them. bada bing bada boom.

You get Crusader for beating all 8 dragons. Guess I didn’t make that clear enough.

That’s actually a glitch in the game, not a real strategy. If you think they are too easy, just try to fight them for real (And they’ll still be too easy).

Did you get Bahamut from beating Doom Gaze.
Doom Gaze is the only enemy you’ll encounter while in the airship (though it is also very likely you’ll never encounter it).
I think someone made a program to read a savestate and tell you where he’s hiding. If you’re playing on a console, you’re going to have to try and cover the entire map, which can be a pain in the ass.
You get the Meteor spell at 10% (which Odin gives you, too) and Flare (or was it Merton, I forget)?

It’s Meteor (x10) and Merton (x1) from Crusader. Only Flare (x2) comes from Bahamut.

o now i see, after beating all 8 dragons. gotcha. thanks.

According to who? You don’t know what square had in mind when they made the game.

A sure-shot almighty way to annihilate everything and everyone no matter the circumstance and available so early into the game for virtually no cost? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Was Degenerator a glitch too, then? It’s available way earlier than vanish-doom, it’s more useful, and it costs nothing.

Vanish-doom was very expensive at 53 MP, and took two rounds to use. It wasn’t convenient at all for normal enemies, and no, it didn’t work on everything. You can’t kill monsters like Ing or Wrexsoul with it, but Shoat and Odin will give you a one-move Wrexsoul kill. A lot of bosses can be killed with costless moves like Dispatch, Chainsaw, and your choice of Blitz in less time than it takes to Vanish-doom them. A few hours after you hit the world of ruin you’ll be killing bosses in Kefka’s tower with a single fight command.

Yes, vanish-doom seems a bit glitchy, but FFVI wasn’t intended to be a hard game. Vanish raises the accuracy of all magic attacks for a reason.

Hades, just think rationally: No matter how easy a game is intended to be, no one includes sure-kill methods intentionally, that’s why they are called exploits. The fact that FFVI is plagued by them simply speaks of shitty programming.

Wrexsoul can be killed by Vanish+Doom. He already uses Vanish on himself, all you have to do is use Doom or X-Zone and he’s gone. That’s how I killed the first time I played, as a matter of fact. I know the trick is expensive against cannon fodder enemies, but considering most of them die with one hit, that hardly makes it any more balanced. And it takes one round to use if you just teach the spells to two separate characters.

I was already thinking rationally when I made my post.

No, Wrexsoul can’t be killed by vanish-doom. He doesn’t use vanish on himself. He disappears and can’t be targetted. He can be killed by X-Zone, Shoat, or Odin because they target everything regardless.

that’s why they are called exploits.
I’m not arguing about what they’re called. I’m arguing about what they are. Let’s get on the same level here, I’m not going to fuck around with semantics.

The bottom line is, you and I don’t know what square had in mind when they made FFVI. They might not have intended to have a combination like vanish-doom, but that doesn’t mean they intended not to have it. It’s just part of the game, like Final-attack and Phoenix are part of FFVII, and Lionheart and Hero Drinks are a part of FFVIII. It’s not a glitch, it’s two spells working EXACTLY like they’re supposed to, and yes, being unstoppably overpowered. I don’t consider vanish-doom any less legitimate than Knights of the Round or THE END or Degenerator or the Magus Sisters (four “sure-kill” moves that were included intentionally, by the way). The cool thing about RPGs is that YOU decide how hard they have to be. Don’t like using godly moves? Then don’t. But that won’t stop them from being there and being legit.

The difference is that FF7, 8, and 10 had side bosses that were nearly impossible to kill unless you took advantage of some sort of exploit. FF6 was easy enough that no exploit was ever required, which is why it’s logical to assume that having one put in (especially one which can easily be seen as an oversight) was a mistake.
Hades is right in that there’s no way we can know for sure, but we can assess probability.

I’m probably just repeating Cid, but I’ll write my own response.

Any of the FFVII and FFVIII exploits would absolutely eliminate any of the FFVI enemies in one shot, but even then they alone are not enough to do the same in their respective games. KotR by itself wasn’t enough to terminate the Weapons or Sephiroth, it required the coupling with the Counter Materia which implied long sessions of Chocobo raising and Materia growing. Lionheart had a 1/4 chance of triggering and even then wasn’t anything more than a boost against enemies like Ultimecia or Omega Weapon.

Vanish + Doom, Vanish + X-Zone, Disappearance + X-Zone and whatever else, require no more effort than finding the Magicite and learning the spells to work against enemies that were already easy when simply bashing the Attack button and tossing a healing spell from time to time. It’s definitely not the same case, no matter how you look at it.

Yes of course, I can’t possibly know for certain what the designers where thinking. Now tell me that you believe “Hey, let’s include a multitude of cheap-ass and completely effortless tricks that allow players to obliterate practically everyone, and make them available really early” is a likely possibility. Designers simply don’t spend their time calculating how to balance the enemies with your characters’ growth to program an I.W.I.N button at the end.

They’ve done it in every game after 6. It’s not how I’d make a game, but it’s how they did.

A long time ago you replied in a serious manner to a joke post I made and admitted it was because you hadn’t read anything past the first line. That and this both lead me to question something: Just how often do you read the entire posts before replying?

Lets add that both of these are on available near-endgame.

Also, the nearest thing to this case in FFIX were Ark, Thievery, Dragon Crest, Shock and buffed Bahamut. All only possible near-endgame (And in Ark’s case, either right before the end or after beating the super side-boss), in the case of Thievery only possible after ungodly amounts of buffing (And to a lesser extent, same as Dragon Crest). None of these go over 9999, an amount you can easily approach by common attacks and nowhere near being a sure-kill for any of the bosses.

Also, Frog Drop in FFIX can become one of the most powerful moves in the game if you catch 99 frogs in the Frog catching sidequest.