Final Fantasy 6 Shrine

This shrine stops at Phoenix Cave. Where’s the rest including Kefka’s Tower?

Maybe Phoenix CAve is a side quest

It’s a work in progress. Use gamefaqs or something.

Off topic, I’m having trouble doing Sabin’s blitz attacks, especially when they require a diagonal key

The controller I’m using on my computer is a Saitek pad and the D-pad is kind of circle so it can go diagonal. There’s even a dot on the diagnal part

I’m at Port NIkea in the World of Ruin and up until now I"ve been using Power Rush (Pummel)

Technically, everything in the World of Ruin is a sidequest after you get the airship. You could concievably go and kill Kefka right then and there if you wanted.

As has been said before, you can replace the diagonal button moves with… well, non diagonals. Like Left, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right for Fire Dance. I’ve never had any problems doing blitzes the normal way, though.

Also, if you’re using a rom, you can program the button movements into special keys. I had it set up so I could run Bum Rush by hitting the letter “h” It’s cheap but it works.

IF it weren’t for the shrine, i wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything in the World of Ruin

The first time I played final fantasy 6, which was a long time ago, I found locke and a few others there, went to Kefka’s Tower, and wasn’t strong enough. It was a used game. I ended up using the other guy’s file to beat the game