Final Fantasy 6 Ending

Final FAntasy 6 has a great story, good comedy, and fun characters. But there’s a problem. The climax at the end was stupid. Kefka talked about how destruction was beautful and asked why people bother rebuilding it and looking for the answers. Than terra said they have hopes, dreams, and the little things that matter. This is typical pseudo-philisophical junk they always put in anime and rpgs

Now look at Final Fantasy 4. The odds were so against cecil at the end, but everyone in the world prayed for him and helped him. Hearing that main final fantasy song really made it epic

Now I laughed WITH the part when they were all trying to escape. That was funny. And the ending was happy

But it was stupid magic went away. As much as I like the world of FF6, I dont’ like the fact people don’t regularly use magic. Dragonlance and Lord Of the rings also don’t have a whole lot of magic in their world. IN dragonlance, a lot of people were afraid of magic, and in Lord of the Rings, it’s a big deal Gandalf is a wizard. Not that they’re bad or anything

Japanese people do seem to have a liking for corny tripe that Westerners generally groan at. Not much you can do about it, it’s a cultural thing.

I’m not quite sure what your other complaint is about. You don’t like the fact that there isn’t much magic there? Then you won’t like FF7-10 either. FF6 marked a shift away from medieval settings to more modern ones. I personally like the more modern settings, because it makes it more real… easier to identify with.

“Japanese people do seem to have a liking for corny tripe that Westerners generally groan at. Not much you can do about it, it’s a cultural thing”

Most people make a big deal about anime because the bad guy isn’t purely evil and makes excuses for what he does. they are also amazed by the existmental talk and the fact that there’s always a “plot twist” at episode 13

I loved 7-10. Incidentally, 9 had tons of black mages, and 10 was loaded with summoners

9 did have Black Mages, that’s true, because it was a tribute to earlier FFs rather than a continuation on the evolutionary path. 10 did have summoners, but it’s not like they actually did anything really. 8p Outside of battle, anyway.

There are good and bad anime series, just like there are good and bad Hollywood movies, so making any kind of generalization about it is pretty silly. There are certain tendencies in certain subgenres of anime, but no kind of sweeping “it’s always like this” statement will be true.

Well I see a lot of otakus and they say “wow this show has so many plot twists” because they haven’t seen a whole lot