Final Fantasy 5 Japanese trading cards

Hi- i am a new member- i bought some Japanese Final Fantasy 5 trading cards at a Japanese mall in Los Angeles called Yaohan about the same time as the super famicom video game was released in the early 1990’s -i bought a few packs and the album Square put out to store the cards in- These cards were never released here unfortunately as FF5 is my favorite video game- i would like to know if any other member has any of these cards also- please contact me by e-mail if you do- i want to know if anyone else bought these cards and kept them- also i can send by e-mail a scan of several of the cards and the pack they came in to anyone who wants to see them if they e-mail me- since the cards are in Japanese maybe somone can look at them and give me more information about them- thanks, Dragonquester(Linda)

Hello and welcome to RPGC. How good of you to not make one of the introduction threads, as they are tolly overated.

I can’t read Japanese, but I’d love to see these cards.

The FFCompendium might want to see them too…

Actually the FFCompendium might do good to have a section with pictures of various pieces of FF merchandise. I think that’d be neat, anyway.

yeah, you should definately scan them! Is Gilgamesh on any of them?

Scan them please, I’d love to see them.

I’ve got some japanese cards for various FF games I scored at a anime shop in orange county once. Do your’s have square artwork on them, or do they have somoething else?

I saw on the internet a while back trading cards… official trading cards for the various Final Fantasy games. Even some for other Squaresoft games as well. And they weren’t like, Triple Triad cards or anything either.

I’m not sure if these are official. I got them like 10 years ago.

Cool. Final fantasy is bigger than I thought they were.

The ones I have just have some official square artwork on a card with the game’s logo in the bottom corner. I’d scan them but I don’t have a scanner. :frowning:

Cool cards though. :slight_smile:

i would like to insert those pics of my FF5 cards in this post but i don’t know how- i have paint shop pro 7 on my computer but i can’t figure out how to move a jpeg image to insert in this post- can anyone help me?

Read the FAQ.

< img > < /img >

Take out all the spaces.

i read the faq and it says something like you have to click “Browse” at the bottom of the page to insert images like jpegs- but i can’t find any browse command at the bottom of this page.

Hmm…That’s odd, it seems the upload a picture feature hasn’t been removed…Merlin! You got some splainin to do!

You should email Cid at the <a HREF=">Final Fantasy Compendium</a> and see if he would like a copy of those images. I’d scan each one seperatly.

Okay, first go to and upload the image by clicking ‘Browse’, choosing your image, and then ‘Host It’. Then on the next page, look for a box that says ‘Hotlink for forums’. Copy everything in that box and paste it into your reply here. Presto. :slight_smile:

How do you go to i don’t see anyway to get there in the reply to thread.

You type into the address field of your internet browser and press the Enter key…