Final Fantasy 3(j) will it ever get reissued?

I get the small feeling that if there are going to be remakes,is going to be for the nintendo DS,just a feeling if anyone knows how to speak thailandese(or whatever language the sites in)whats dose it say? All i know is that is information on Square-enix plans on the DS.

I disagree. I felt that FF2 looked amazing, and FF1 looked kind of half assed in comparison. It was like the difference between playing FF6 and FF4.

Found what the site i posted means,It’s a poll Square-Enix is making to see what game does the people want ported to the DS.

i want final fantasy 3 so bad. its the only final fantasy i havent beating. :moogle:

I have a better idea.

The can call it Sqaure/Enix Legends.

It could have:

2.SaGa Frontier
3.SaGa Frontier 2
4.SaGa Frontier 3
5.Bahumat Lagoon
6.Terranigma(why was this never released??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
7.7th Saga 2
8.Dragon Quest 5
9.Dragon Quest 6
10.Front Mission 1
11.Live a Live
12.Seiken Densetsu III
13.Star Ocean 1
14.Treasure Hunter G
15.Sqaures Tom Sawer(cant even find that on ROM)
16.Rudras Treasure
needs 3 more for a full 20.

Um… no. They’ll never get that much on a GBA, and there’s no reason for them to make that kind of commitment to localization for games that quite possibly won’t be of any interest to people for PSX. Maybe a couple of them might have enough fan appeal (Star Ocean, SD3) but far more money would be in the offing by working on new games with new graphics.

It doesn’t have to be on GBA nobody cares where it comes from they just want it.

I Pick:

As Must have in english. The Current GBA Hardware should play all but The Control of Star Ocean 1 and Seiken Densetsu 3 could be fun. (Both games Used all 4 buttons and the L+R Buttons)

Big Nutter
How do you Pronouace Seiken Densetsu?

say-ee-ken den-seh-tzoo… it’ll sound better if you try it with an accent… sometimes, it’s almost impossible to pronounce certain words or phrases in foreign languages without an accent…