Final Fantasy 3(j) will it ever get reissued?

As you all are painfully aware, FF3(j) is the only FF game not available in the states. What do you think the possibilities are of Square Enix doing something similar to what they did to FF1 and 2? A sort of remastered version?

It would be nice if they did, ya know.

I heard rumors many, many months ago, but other than that, nothing has been told.

I’d really like to see a PS-2 and GC game with Final Fantasy 1-6 on it, completely restored. Call it something like Final Fantasy classics. A complete amano art gallery (not a tiny one…we’re talking one with like every character from each of those games.)

There is a decent sized book of Amano’s sketches/works ff and not. Don’t know if there is a sketch of Siegfried in there, sorry. Tried using google image search for Amano and Siegfried, but nothing came up at all.

yeah, i tried the google thing too. I always liked Amano’s battle sketches. And how he leaves out colors…

I skimmed through the book, he does nice work with colors too, IMO of course.

Am I the only person who thinks he makes everyone look like a heroin addict? Not like that’s bad, it’s a cool style, and adds a very eerie, surreal feel to his art, but they all look like a bunch of gothic heroin addicts.

notice their lack of pants too ?

I always wanted him to do a full length FF animated movie. I don’t care what it was about, Just to see those really dark beautiful, eerie pictures moving.

Ya know, his style kind of reminds me of Reign: The Conqueror… You ever watch that ?

I tried watching Reign, but after a couple episodes it just got too dull and kinda weird. What did you think? I see a slight comparison between the two, but Amano’s faces seem to be better drawn. They also don’t make me want to throw up.

Yeah, Amano is more detailed. But some of his stuff is pretty abstract, sometimes, i dont even know what i’m supposed to be lookin at, LOL.

There are no official plans to translate FF3. But I most certainly wouldn’t rule it out (probably on GBA). Let’s wait until FF1+2 GBA come out… if that does well, Square would be silly not to bring out FF3.

I think I heard that Square was gonna remake FF3 for GBA after they were finished remaking 1 and 2 for it. But I’m not sure if that was just a rumor or I thought it up myself. ::dekar!::

Well actually there wasn’t much to FF3j. Granted I got bored before I got to the final dungeon and stopped, but the story is pretty non existant, the gameplay’s depth is ok. What I did like though is that you had to use certain status effects to get through certain areas, I thought that was pretty neat, but otherwise… meh.

It’s just one of the only Final Fantasy’s I haven’t beaten. That and Final Fantasy 8, so I want to play it.

I havnt beat 5, 6, or 3… or Tactics

I haven’t beaten 2j,3j or 7. I didn’t care for 2. I only beat the first dungeon.

2 is awesome. I love 2. Sure, the level system does kinda suck, but mm bleh, who cares ? The music is great,the story is great, and on Origins, the Graphics are pretty good.

But, as far as the re-make goes on Origins, it is infinately obvious they spent more time redoing FF1.