Final Fantasy 12 Preview Videos

I found a link to some preview movies you can download:
There’s no spoilers so you don’t have to worry about that.

I think it looks pretty cool so far. It looks like they totally revamped the whole system and everything, although I haven’t played FFXI so maybe it’s similar to that.

Wow. Thanks Gila.
So this is the famous “revolutionary” battle system? Not bad at all.
Switch between wait and active time battle, the gambit option apparently lets you choose to control all of a character’s actions manually or let the artificial intelligence do everything for you (attacks, healing). I am looking forward on getting the demo when I‘ll buy my DQVIII and eventually the real stuff.
Demo’s review from Gamespot:

After playing the demo, the battle system is fucking crap. I hate it. The controls are all awkward for it. It is cool in theory, but sucks in practice. I’ll still be getting it whenever I can, but I’m still pretty disappointed after playing the demo. I didn’t even finish the demo and I’m tempted to sell it on eBay or Amazon since it wasn’t any fun. I’ve had much more fun with other demos, even the FF8 demo.

Really? I haven’t played the FFXII demo yet (because Dragon Quest VIII is just that awesome… well, to be honest it’s because I’ve had little time for recreation), but I’d read that the battle system blows. I suppose that I’ll see for myself when I get around to it, but I really am more of a fan of turn-based combat.

Guess this means they’ll delay this until sometime in the next decade to fix the battle system.