Final Fantasy 11

I’ve played many internet RPGs, and haven’t really liked any of them to play religiously.
Well, now i have a lot of time, a credit card, and a constaint stream of money, and my question is this: Is final fantaly 11 really that different from any other internet RPG?

Well, I haven’t personally played because I despise MMORPGs but I can tell you a few things. It is different in that it’s not player vs player. It’s really based on forming groups to go into dungeons and complete quests. I hear Sqare-Enix planning on creating a Colliseum sort of thing in an expansion though.

yeah bahamut, no other MMORPG has tried the whole “parties to destroy creatures in dungeons” thing.

It’s a very good game, though. I tried it. I hate black mages, but I loved playing as one.

I haven’t played a lot of mmorpgs, but Final Fantasy XI doesn’t seem to be very different: Not gameplay-wise anyway. It is the people that makes it worth playing.

I got bored with it fast. I found it to be tough to make friends that play enough to party with, and soloing is near impossible after about level 8.

I would have it by now if it wasn’t pay-to-play. But because it is, I’m a lot more reluctant. I might get it over the summer.

You don’t know unless you try! I got the game in October, and played religiously for about 3 months - absolutely loved it. As Nulani said, it’s the people who make the game, and when the person I liked playing with most quit, I lost a lot of interest.

Haven’t really played for about a month due to a hard drive problem and lack of interest, but my linkshell ( is going strong…and I can’t wait to get back when I get my PC fixed.

As far as PVP goes, from what I’ve read and heard, Square has no plans for true PVP.

Can’t compare it to other MMORPG’s - this will be my first and hopefully last. The genre is far too time consuming.

I say give it a shot, if you don’t like it you can quit before the trial period ends, and you can sell your game used for a good price.

allright, im getting it this afternoon

What is the difference between the kind of PVP Square is offering and true PVP?

What’s a Linkshell? Like a guild/clan?

More like an in-game chat channel.

Yes. Please try to get on Cerberus.

I have a Dark Knight who is about Level 26 now.

My linkshell is located here.

FFXI is a pretty generic MMORPG, with the FF name tagged on.