Final Fantasy 11 Characters

Hi, this is theWallflower, new maintenance man for the FFCompendium and newest newbie to the forums. I’m working on a list of characters from FF11, but since neither I nor Cidoflas have actually played that game, we were hoping we could appeal to the kind citizens of Vana’diel to look at the attached document of characters and places and see if the information in their is accurate or needs work at all. I’m sure it does. Thanks in advance.

I will ask “Sky” on Alexander to take a look.


By the way, if anyone can add more info (e.g. eccentricities of personality or appearance) that’d also be nice.

Hi, just wondering if anyone was working on this? Its been about a month and I havent received responses from any of the boards I’ve posted this on.

i would totally help out if i played the game, i’ve stayed away from the mmorpgs cause i work two jobs and kinda want to have a life.
it might just be me but online players don’t tend to be the nicest and most helpful people in the world, that is from my experience with online players that i don’t personally know. i hope somebody steps up though, cause the compendium is where i go for all my condensed ff info and the ff11 section is lacking. also some of the beastiaries with pics and such, but i know how long that can take so i’m not complaining. good job so far guys.

As far as I can tell, it is fairly accurate, although I think there’s a few things that could be added. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite played far enough right now to give specifics, but I’ll keep this in mind for future refrence!

I would say that’s plenty of information. Problem with collecting data like that on FFXI is there are thousands of NPC’s in the game, dozens to hundreds more added each update, and some of them change each update.

I’ve been playing off and on since NA release, and most of the characters in that document I’ve never heard of. There’s so much do to in the game, very few focus on the stories, but instead on advancing their character and their linkshell. To even meet or get the cutscenes with the NPCs mentioned in that document it would easily take hundreds of hours; that’s why you won’t find any takers with the request as is.