Final Fantasy 10-2 (poast 10) Fanfic

Here is the first chapter

Forgotten Memories of the Past

Chapter 1
Yuna’s Memories
“ Rikku, tell me, how long do you think we’ve been at this”?
Yuna, Paine, and Rikku we sitting at a small campfire Paine had started Earlier that night. Yuna couldn’t sleep, and neither could Rikku. Earlier that day they had fought a legion of Marlboros, and almost got overrun.
“I really don’t know Lady Yuna. It’s been a while, I know that much”
Yuna let out a small giggle.
“Now Rikku, how many times have I told you not call me “Lady” Yuna. We’re cousins after all”.
“You’re right Yuna. Anyway, we’d better get some sleep, we’ve got a big day tomorrow, those Marlboros are probably hot on our tails”.

The next day, after dousing their fire, the trio set off across the Thunder Plains, hoping to get a decent greeting in Guadosalam.
“Yuna, we really need to get the hell out of this Plain.

This damn place is almost is bad as Sin”, Paine scoffed.
“Paine, do not talk of Sin that way. He is after all, sometimes a good man at heart. This plain will not harm you if you stick by the lightning rods like I am”.
“Yes, sorry Lady Yuna. I see your point”.

“Tidus, Do you really think we, alone can beat Sin? I mean yes he is Sir Jecht, your father, but still, what will happen if we do beat him?” Yuna asked.
“As far as I’m Concerned, he can die. He never listened to me in Zanarkand, and I dought he will in Spira”, Tidus retorted.
“Sorry Tidus, but please don’t be mean. It was a simple question. Well, we’d better get back to camp. Wakka and the others are probably looking for us.”

<><><><><><><>End Flashback><><><><><><><><>

“Rikku, tell me, how far do you think Guadosalam is”, Yuna asked.
Well Yuna, I think a few more kilometers. Besides I’m getting tired”, Rikku complained.
“Quit your whining Rikku, we’re almost there.” Paine said annoyed.

The Trio gazed at the huge domain of Guadosalam. Even though Yuna and Rikku had seen it years before, it still appeared to be a true wonder. Suddenly out of nowhere, a rabid looking Guado rushed towards the trio, halberds raised, only to be shot several times by Yuna.
“Holy shit, what the heck just happened Yuna?!” Paine asked worriedly.
“Oviously SOME things haven’t changed much since our last visit.” Yuna said calmly. But on the inside however, her heart was racing. How could the Guado still hate her, even after beating Sin?

To be Continued…(By the way, I tried to keep Language to a minimum


When you say you tried to keep language to a minimum, did you mean dialouge? If you can write it well, don’t worry about it.

I personally wouldn’t write a story about a game before it came out, it tends to cause discontinuities, but I’m not exactly an expert or anything.

Details: Yuna and Rikku are cousins not sisters. Check your spelling (doubt not dought), punctuation, and capitalization.

Ok, thanks dude, I was in a hurry writing this and its a first draft…Also, I have FF10, but I havent played it in 6 months. And it really doesnt talk about the whole relation thing…


Could be something good, keep working on it. Apart from what demigod said, the main thing that does get to me however is the “<><><><><><><>Flashback><><><><><><><><>” stuff. Many, many, many authors do like this, but it’s horribly clumsy if you think about it. Can you work the flashback into the story without putting it under the neon lights?

Ok, thanks guys, i’m starting chapter two, The Beginning of an Ending Battle