Final Fantasy 10-2 fanfic. chapter 2

Here’s the Second chapter of my fanfic (sorry about the delay)

		Sphere Waves coming from The Calm Lands!

“Yuna! Yuna! It’s Brother.  Are you ok? I’m on my way!”

“No, Its fine Brother, Just a little run-in with some rabid Guado, just get us the heck out of here!”

The Trio ran clear though a pack of human visitors, through the cave entrance to the Thunder Plains. As they approached the Travel Agency, The Celsius flew overhead, and Rikku, Paine, and Yuna, quickly got onboard.

“Thanks Brother, we really needed to get out of there.”

“Anything for you Yuna!”

The Gullwings were sitting on the bridge of the Celsius, discussing what to do next. Buddy had picked up some Sphere waves with the help of Shinra, coming from the Calm Lands.

“If theres a sphere there then we should definitely head out there before New Yevon or the Youth League get it first”, Paine remarked, looking at the Commsphere analysis.

 “It could possibly be a new dressphere, but I doubt it,” Shinra pointed out.

“Let’s go get it Gullwings!”, Rikku burst out.

After landing in the calm lands, the eager trio head out, passing all the games and events, started walking towards the item shop in the middle of the Calm Lands.

“Excuse me sir, but do you know anything about a sph- OH GOD!”

Yuna was asking the clerk about the sphere when he leaned over with 4 bullet holes in his back…

	To Be Continued…….