File Transfer Protocol

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I posted it here. I love browsing ftp sites, and I was just wondering, how does one go about obtaining an ftp adress? Is it free, and if so, can I password protect it? Is there any site with a tutorial or info about this subject? Thanks in advance.

HowTo Setup an FTP Server in Windows Server 2003 / Windows XP.

It’s not really free no: You need to have a fairly fast line with a decent upload, and unless you want to use and walk around remembering an ip address ( it would look like, say ) you’ll have to buy a domain name ( it would then look like ).

Oh wow… That’s really complicated. I a computer wiz, but not with software, just hardware :slight_smile: Well, I think I’ll just use an http site. Anyways, what would be the best place to host a few files on the net? Preferrably something free, and something that I could password protect. Okey, one more question, can I put a file on a site and link to that file from another site? That sounds dumb, I know I can, but what I mean is can I make an almost blank page only for linking from other sites. Thanks for all the help.

If you want to host files, you don’t need an FTP server. You can just put them on a web server and have an HTML page link to them. There are plenty of free webservers out there (e.g. Yahoo! Geocities or Angelfire) but most of them are riddled with ads, so hope you don’t mind that. :sunglasses:

Thanks Cid, I think I’ll use geocities, because I have a little of experience with that. Thanks a lot.