File theft.

I dont know if posting this counts as a ‘hack’ request, so if it’s against the rules, just close this thread.

What do you all use for filesharing, or music downloads these days? I’ve been trying to get some songs off of winMX and iMesh, but there is always a queue, or the file is broken. What are some other networks i could use, for music, mainly.

jesus fucking christ, just do a search , this topic’s come up so many times -_-

I use bit torrent to download whole albums.

Bit torrent and suprnova. Kazaa for some harder to find songs, but i rarely use it for anything but porn.

eDonkey is good for stuff occassionally. Most of the stuff featured on SA, the bad movies, bad games, hentai games etc, are there also.

Yes, eDonkey and eMule are both great for getting at hard-to-find files. My uncle uses 'mule to get chess databases for Shredder 8 and Blitzin (he plays on the ICC).

I state that I need a file and people send me it. Sometimes they send without me asking. I’m just that awesome.

I need Fahrenheit 9/11. Someone send me it.

I never got how bit torrent worked. Myself, I use WinMX.

You’ll want a decent encoder (I suggest TMPGEnc) if you ever want to put it on SVCD/DVD and watch it, since any copy you get from online will doubtless be PAL-encoded.


You install a <a href=“”>BitTorrent client</a>, then find <a href=“”>a site</a> with <a href=“”>torrent files</a> on it. You click a torrent file, your BT client picks it up, asks you where to save it to, and starts downloading. As you’re downloading the file, you upload small chunks of the file to other people, etc.

Ok. >_>. Well then. People, i need “Jets to brazil - Orange ryhming dictionary”.

<On IRC!>

Bit Torrent is annoying sometimes. Not enough people seed the really big files so I’ll be downloading nothing while uploading.

Yeah, I generally wait a week or so after something has been released to get it. The seed/leecher ratio is usually better then. Like when a Kill Bill 2 torrent first appeared, 1 seed, 15000 leechers.