File sharing woes (networking)

Alright, I dunno why, but I’m on the network apparently, but I can’t see my shared files on other computers. Anyone with some help? Pertinent info:

All comps on XP (I believe home edition)
Netgear router and cards; I have a G card
Recently changed router (Linksys before), possible that the name has changed (how do I see the name of the network I’m on? Downstairs, it says ‘blahblah’ but I don’t know how to get it to say what I’m on up here)

Go into the properties of “My computer”, make sure they’re in the same work group.

You can configure your firewalls around, but its easier to just turn them off.

You also may need to go into the “properties” of the individual connection in “Network Connections”.

In those properties, go into “TCP/IP” properties in there, you’ll see the TCP IP thing in the left scroll thing. Give both computers similar IPs like 192.168.1.* where the star is a different number for each computer, like one is 3, the other is 4. And make sure they have the same submask, which they should anyway.

Once that is done, you might need to restart both computers involved and then you go into the windows explorer/my computer, scroll down to my network connections, open up entire network, then microsoft windows network. Your workgroup will be there and all networked computers should appear within this workgroup. If you’re lucky, both computers will recognize each other and you’ll be able to toss in files in each others’ shared documents.

My advice is to make a direct connection using a cross cable between the 2 computers. You do it the same way as you would like this with the wireless, but it just goes way faster. You also don’t mess around with your wireless settings. I don’t know if messing with the wireless settings like this would affect anything. The cable should cost a few bucks at radio shack or best buy. Its the difference between spending 4 hours transfering your stuff and 5 minutes.

You make sure you have the PC differnt names, I have names of the Rooms for the PC names. “Frunt Room” “Boys” (Mine), my sisters name and my Mum’s name.

I find that activatng shared Folder/Pinters works wonders on the PC that what to share.

If you are connecting just tempoarey swaping 700Meg+ or 4 gig+ files, I’d aviod Wireless. I Lost my TOP ost album since it didn’t copy correctly when the Network signal was lost, and then HDD Falure. (The Aireal was Disloged). Do Connect Via wires, even if it’s the Serial Direct Connect. (Windows XP : Bottom option on “creat a new connection”, but it’s very slow, and the Hardware is being Phased out. Taking covers off and setting up hdds is faster, but not allwasy Possible.)