File sharing virus.

Interesting place for someone to attack.

The RIAA must be pleased.

Are you kidding? The RIAA probably MADE it themselves. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve been using illegal methods all along to try to stop file sharing.

More the reason to make them crash and burn and piss on teh ashes.

Fucking RIAA -_-.

You think the government would step in and say ‘Hey, file sharing is wrong and all, but you dont have to go to this extreme’.

You don’t use filesharing networks.
You use irc and people like Tenchiu Draconisu! *Nod, nod.

cough yes, what hades says is always truth. I hate you.

Anywho… I don’t think the RIAA has the kind of intelligence behind them to do something like this. Their site got hacked how many times in a row?

This is the main reason I don’t d/l programs off of Kazaa, et al. :too bad;

Well I deleted Kazaa when I got to campus. They’re kind of touchy about those kinds of things in college.

Whoa hey now. I actually didn’t make that up myself. I just heard it and passed it on. Can’t confirm if it’s true, but it seems true.

Last year I read that RIAA does not do it themselves, but they do hire people to create viruses and spread them through Kazaa. Asides virus, there was a time in which they also distributed corrupted mp3 files through KAzaa and Morpheus. Most people will only listen to the music they’ve downloaded after the transfer completion, thus a few people were surprised to get more noise than songs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the RIAA, but then again, there are some proficient programmers out there who are anti-piracy, though that is still extreme no matter who did it.

Gemini: The government must be happy.
Lupin: Well, I’m not. I’ve always wanted to steal files.
Lupin runs off.