Fighting for another mans Dream, Berserk

Anyone seen this anime? It’s a bit old, made in 1997(Okay so not that old) but I recently had the pleasure of seeing the complete TV series(25 episodes) it was rather compelling, and well thought out. The dubbing was also well done… I didn’t feel like reading, but nevertheless the only thing it was lacking was spectacular animation. The story is basically about a man named guts, and his travels, beginning as a mercenary, ending as a hero. With a rather twisted ending. If you’ve seen it, thoughts? Comments?

I’m not sure how much I can say about it without spoiling it but I highly suggest any action anime fan to check ‘Berserk’ out.

I read alot of the manga, and watched the series. The manga is better. I always watch it after I watch Azumanga, so I loses a few feminine points, and gain a few manly man points.

I personally thought Berserk’s voice acting was terrible. Gutz’ voice was so robotic and perfunctory, and when it was contrasted by a character with a GOOD va, like Griffith, the inconsistency was horrid. I only saw the first 5 episodes, but the opening of the series, where that girl is being harassed in a tavern, was so trite and weak because of the awful acting that it left a bad first impression.

And then I saw Gutz’ sword and everything was cool.

Berserk is cool if you want to see shit die. Voilently.

Really? I didn’t think it was that violent, alot of blood lust. But no GUTS! Erm… uhhh :thinking:

I gotta think about this one.

The manga goes so much further than the anime that I can’t keep track. >_<

But does anybody think they’re going to make another OVA for it?

Also, I loved the outtakes that they put into the DVDs… especially the parts when Griffith’s character sings. :slight_smile:

tell your master the black swordsman is here -_-

Manly man points? A Jedi craves not these things.

Seriously. People are going to look down on you for liking anime anyway.

Berserk in it’s televison format is very much muted when compared to the original (what? Japanese TV adaptations toned down? Perish the thought!). The opening pages of the first of the manga includes Gatsu killing a demoness while having sex with her. It is perhaps the most effective attention getter I have ever seen in a manga.

Elfen Lied and Fist of the North Star. vomits Regains spilled guts after remembering catgirlishness