Fighting circular logic

I assume he already recognizes the meaninglessness of living by a set of arbitrary axioms, and ignores it by some level of double-think. My guess is that success in this odd way is what enables him to turn his gaze away from his own personal deficiencies.

My advice is, like others have said, play the devil. Tempt him in every way you know how. Try to get him drunk. Have girls flash him again, only this time in the basement, or just have scantily clad girls around him constantly. In short, bring him down into this world.

If he’s afraid of girls due to some trauma, forcing a contact may cause him to freak out and become worse.

I say don’t help him unless he wants to be helped.

I don’t understand…this guy is avoiding girls and social stuff because of math or something…? puzzled look Sounds very self destructive…

Math doesn’t make men avoid girls.

Now, many intellectuals and philosophers who contributed to the advance of science had a distaste for women. God knows why.

Told you all math was evil. But did anyone listen?



If influential intellectuals said it, it must be true!

Trillian, are you by some chance from Mejale?

Are you sure he’s not making a big deal out of this to get attention or be the weird guy or anything like that?

I thought the same thing. o.o

I don’t think it’s just a general fear of women, unless that’s the only axiom. Under what circumstance were they created? I’m sure he didn’t just come up with it out of the blue. Apart from the women thing, what other axioms are there? Details, plz.

Well aside from the common causes of fearing women (frequent rejection, etc.) I think my bro may have been somehow shut off from his parents from an early age. Like, forced to be independent way too early. I remember talking with him about an earlier incident, in which he ran away in a panic because girls were going to hug him.

Him: That’s something that nobody does, not even my own mother!
Me: Your own mother doesn’t hug you?
Him: Well, I am 18 years old after all.
Me: I still give my mom hugs. My dad too. Hell, I give anyone a hug if I think it won’t weird them out too much.
Him: It’s something I guess I’ve grown out of.
Me: Grown out of? When did your parents stop hugging you?
Him: Since I was 4 or 5.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I mean, I never heard of a hugless upbringing messing anyone up for life, but I’m sure he would have grown up a little more open to the world if he hadn’t been cut off. It could be just one in a collection of things that I take for granted that he didn’t have growing up.

God damn it folks, maybe he just doesn’t want a relationship. It’s not everyone’s goal. Leave the pour soul alone, stop trying to analyze him, and as long as he’s not hurting anyone else, it’s fine.

If you are going to try and provoke him into breaking one of his own rules, then you should at least talk to him first. Try to get him to open up and explain why he has these rules. Just pry until he tells you something that might help you to understand.

'nuff said.

Uhm, not wanting a relationship and jumping out of the window because a bunch of girls are walking by might be a slight difference?

No body is trying to put him in a relationship. It is that the guy is willing to jump out of a second story window just to avoid being flashed. That is a bit of an extreme. It isn’t about putting him in a relationship; it’s about keeping him from hurting himself.

None of us know his thoughts or intentions about jumping out a window. Listen, back in high school, rather than having my picture taken I dove under the table I was sitting at. Did I have some kind of neurotic opposition to being photographed? No, it was something of a running joke.

The point is, we know so little that for all we know the guy could have been doing it just to be somewhat funny and stay in line with his past behavior and stated opinions. He could be completely serious about the basic issue, but exagerate his reactions for some unknown reason.


I’m glad that we, visitors to this website, are so well-versed in our knowledge of human affairs that we should even dare to presume to tell a complete and total stranger (other than to Kero) what is good and what is not good for his life when we know so very little about him.

I think what we’re all doing is picturing ourselves in that guy’s situation, and speculating on what would help us most. I understand why just leaving him alone is the least potentially harmful option. I also know that if I had been “just left alone” whenever I acted in some inhuman and antisocial way, I would have remained far less a person than I am now. It sounds cruel, but sometimes the only way to wake up the human in someone is to play the devil and tempt him into following the urges he’s taught himself to hate. If you imagine the kind of half-life he’ll lead following these “axioms”, and then compare that to the potential life he’s suppressing, you might see why I believe a happy end here justifies harsh means.

Truth be told, that sounds like a job for his therapist.

Diving under a table and jumping out a window, from the second floor none the less, are pretty different things. Diving under a table doesn’t have the chance of causing great bodily harm or killing you. Also, Kero said it was about pretty much any contact with females. The problem isn’t so much that he did a one time thing, it is more that he is willing to go to such extremes and has such a violent reaction. Hell, the most that has really been suggested, seriously anyway, is that he needs some professional help. No one is really trying to solve the problem. Besides, even assuming what you are saying is true, professional help would still be best. This behavior is sort of dangerous for others too. What if some chicks tried flashing him while on the free, he could just do something crazy and kill someone else in the process trying to avoid it.

No, it is just that hurting yourself is kind of given. It is for the same reason that we watch people that are suicidal. That is why the fire department and paramedics go out when someone is about to jump off a building or something. They don’t go out to just waste money or because they are bored and decided it’d be fun to go out and ruin somebody’s fun.