Fighting circular logic

I’ll keep the background on this one brief. A brother in my fraternity lives in this metaphorical bubble, a womb-like construct where he’s protected from anything other than the ordinary. He’s a math major, and has constructed a set of axioms for him to live his life by.

Among these axioms, there’s one that forbids him from having even the slightest intimate contact with women. These axioms are above everything else to him, even his own happiness. Earlier this week he nearly jumped out of a 2nd story window to escape a couple girls who he heard were going to flash him. He’s seriously nuts.

He can’t tell me why that sort of thing is bad, it JUST IS, according to his axioms. Because they’re axioms he needs no proof. It’s really no different than an evangelist who believe the Bible literally because it’s the word of God, and he just accepts it without proof or logical reasoning. How can I get through to this guy? I really want him to seek professional help, because there’s something seriously wrong when your own rules endanger your fucking LIFE.

Ever seen/read A Clockwork Orange?
Try it.

I have absolutely no idea o_o

Buy him a Playboy, then one week later, a Penthouse.

This man is a fratboy?

Ok, The Bible does not disapprove of interacting with the opposite sex, accutally in most day to day things are approved. It really disapproves of having sex with any one whom is not married to you.

Does he know that, Chances are he would never existed for someone (Pa) to have intimate contact with a girl (Ma)? I pass on giving him that.

We’ll my own rules got me cyber-kicked in the balls by Weiila. I was too up front.

Get him really drunk, take him to TJ and make him a man. Seriously though, that is fucked up situation where he is willing to jump out a second story window to avoid this stuff. I mean, if he doesn’t like it, cool. Whatever floats your boat. However, his willingness to injure himself is definitely a concern. However, other than therapy I can’t really think of anything. I mean, any methods to try to break him into the stuff would probably make him go insane or do something stupid. This is definitely a puzzle. If he doesn’t want to go to therapy, you could maybe try working something out with the psycology department. You could maybe get them to work out something to see him and work with him without making it seem like they’re working with him.

If you can’t figure anything out, just give me a call and I’ll come over and beat some sense into him.

No, I think it’s because you’re weird and creepy. And annoying. And incoherent.

Well You haven;t read the accutal long term plans… on where on our ljs

I love Butter


I really don’t think you can help people who don’t want to help themselves. The first step is realizing he has a problem.

Firstly, I have no idea what you’re saying. Secondly, whatever it is, it’s probably creepy and incoherent.

I’m going to make myself as clear as I possibly can. I do not want you to ever make another reference to Weiila in any way or form or association, including but not limited to your thoughts, plans and LJ on the topic. If there are other girls who complain of your harassment, this will also apply in regards to them and not just Weiila. I don’t want an answer. I don’t want a reaction to this post. I don’t want an apology or groveling. You will comply and that is all I will accept.

I’d say giving Info a call would be the best chacnce of helping the guy.

Also, countdown to Sin = Hitler in 10…9…8…


It surprises me too that he’s in a fraternity. Then again, I never thought 2 years ago that I’d ever be joining a frat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen A Clockwork Orange, but to me the message of that movie is that what we perceive as ethics is more conditioning than we would like to believe. I’m sure conditioning plays a part in my brother’s situation, but this isn’t so much about what he believes, but that he believes it without question. And the scariest bit is that he KNOWS its self-reinforcing. He confirms this with a straight face and tells me that it therefore can’t be disproved.

If he doesn’t want a relationship, why try to force him to try to have one?

Kero’s point here that this guy could potentially cause physical and mental harm to himself because of it.

Without a clear understanding of why he’s behaving this way, it’s dangerous to try to force him into something, Kero. A lot of historically prominant mathematicians developed mental abnormalities such as this. Or he may have been sexually abused as a child. Or it could be anything between those two, which covers a large amount of ground. Forcing him into a situation he’s not ready for could be a pretty damn scary thing for him, and it would only worsen his situation.

Even if you did know the cause of his actions, these forums aren’t really the place for dealing with any sort of pyschological issue. You’re only going to be hearing shouts of “get him drunk; get him laid!” Which is probably the worst thing you could do to help him. Go to someone who can give you decent advice on this subject and ask them what to do. Don’t bring it here.

The problem this guy has is called gynecophobia. He’s just afraid of women. I would be homossexuality is involved, though not necesserily it is.

When I think that this guy is a math major, I imagine he got very influenced by the life style of Pitagoras and other such philosophers who were great mathematicians (correct me if I said it wrong) and wants to be like some of them.

I, too, live by a few axioms from myself, but none that harsh. Mine go like this example: (at college) “if I have more knowledge than friends of mine, and they wish to learn from me, I will pass that knowledge to them, asking nothing in return”. Following this one, I am helping some students in my college with courses that I’ve already finished but they’re still taking.

I haven’t written my axioms down, they’re just things I do.