FIFA World Cup

Your picks please :wink:

I am cheering for France, the most multiethnic European team.
Also Ukraine, the team’s coach used to play for Dynamo Kiev, my dad’s favorite team. Oh man, I still remember the beatings I used to get every time Dynamo lost…

I’m cheering for England.

Are you from North America, too? I think that’s the only legitimate place from which you can cheer for another country’s team.

I watch soccer for soccer’s sake. It’s one of the few sports I actually care about.

A month of footy… bliss :smiley:

I’ll be cheering on England, naturally, but realistically I reckon it’ll be either Brazil or Germany who win (if England don’t).

Of course I’ll be cheering on the US. I wouldn’t be a proper fan if I didn’t. However, I won’t be displeased generally if any of the larger soccer nations win (like, I don’t want Iran winning or some small country). However, I don’t want Brazil to win. I just don’t like them (bunch of diving bastards), and I certainly don’t want them in the finals again. Or Mexico. I don’t think they deserved the seed, so I don’t want them winning either.

I think I gotta pull for Germany, after reading that article about how Jurgen Klinnsman, the former top striker who is now their head coach, is a scandalous tabloid figure over there now, for emigrating to the U.S. and becoming a Southern California beach dude. Always liked watching him play, too.

Also, of course, it would be nice to see the Americans actually pull it off, just to make everyone else in the world absolutely FURIOUS and twitching with paroxysms with rage, at the very concept of the nation that cares and knows about soccer the least being, for one year, the best at it. Realistically, though, even though this is probably the best squad we’ve had in a long time and perhaps ever, they’ll be lucky to get out of the group of death, and the road through the elimination phase will go through in all probability Brazil, so yeah, it ain’t happening, but it’d be nice.

Pulling for Brazil seems too much like rooting for The New York Yankees, so I’ll acknowledge they’ll probably win, but I don’t have to like it. :slight_smile:

PS: It’s also always fun to see a country that used to be a colony of another country play that country in soccer, especially if the ex colony wins, like Senegal did to France last time. Looking forward to Portugal vs Angola and England vs Trinidad & Tobago, on that note.

You are right. Living in one of the World Cup participants and cheering for another country could equate to a death wish. But this transgression might be overlooked if you are a first generation immigrant residing in a “more civilized” country. :wink:

How about watching the political enemies fight on the field/rink: Argentina vs. England after the Falkland War, USA vs. USSR in the “Miracle on Ice” extravaganza.
Iran vs. USA?
Edit: That last one was just wishful thinking.

Last time we played Iran in the World Cup, we lost. :expressionless:

I’m cheering on spain.I hope they win:moogle:

I’m rooting for England and Holland, mainly. I’d like to see Germany go deep, but I honestly don’t see them doing incredibly well. And hey, I even have a little bit of continental love for the USA. :smiley:

Oh god the orange flags and stuff and airhorns everywhere, I hate the summer.

How Mexico got that seed is beyond me- I think it’s just because they showed up to the last 8 in a row or something. Not saying much, given that North America gets 3 berths at the world cup and Mexico and the US are the only teams who are any cop. If the US repeats its performance from 2002, expect a seeding for 2010.

England’s seeding is also fairly baffling given we didn’t even qualify in 1994, though I personally am not complaining. :slight_smile:

It is a bit much though beginning coverage of England vs. Paraguay at 12:45pm local time, though- especially considering that the game itself doesn’t kick off until 4pm.

On another note: damn, Ecuador walloped Poland- didn’t see that coming.

Obiously I’m cheering for my own country, even if none of us have really high hopes. We have a good team, but even though Brazil is always a problem, they are specially frightening this year. At the very least I hope we can go far enough to get even with England.

Hell, I’ll be hapy if none of our players sell out this time around >:(

If Germany plays against Holland in the Finals and wins, the country will explode. :mwahaha:

Well, I’m rooting for Holland and Rhaka is obviously the cause of the team’s deterioration after Van Basten quit.

According to most, the Brazilians should get the WC right now. Thus I hope they don’t (It is humiliating though, that they are almost the only ones who don’t have a problem dribbling).

Italy can progress, Argentina is good but with self-esteem problems. I’ll keep an eye on Mexico too.

But let me tell you, Germany wants this cup more than everybody. And on home turf they may do it.

England 1-0 Paraguay :smiley: Good performance in the first half, baffling performance in the second half (bringing Owen off=wtf!?) Still cause to celebrate with a ceremonial playing of this song though. :smiley:

England always has the best soccer chants. It’s great how they reach like #1 on the billboard charts too. You’ll never see a song like Meet the Mets reach anything on the top 100 list. That said, I still like “England 5, German 1” more. After all, Michael Owen is number one.

Edit: Also, Neb, that song’s no longer true. Paraguay scored one more goal than England. It just happened to be the wrong goal. >.>

Depends on how you look at it, I suppose. It was a Paraguayan player who scored, he just didn’t score for Paraguay. :slight_smile: Thank god we weren’t playing Colombia though, a repeat of Andres Escobar is the last thing ANYONE wants. :-/

As for the chants doing well in the top 100, Vindaloo actually only reached 2nd place. behind the rerelease of “Three Lions”, another chant. :smiley:

Argentina 2-1 Cote d’ivoire

Tight match, but I’m really happy. I was one of the very few people with faith in Abbondancieri as a keeper and It seems I was right. Also, neither Messi nor Teves were playing, so I think this is a pretty good result considering two of our aces weren’t in the field. Those three yellow cards might be a problem, but I know my football history well enough to not be surprised by it. We’ve always been “overly enthusiastic”.

My faith got a good boost after this so I’m just going to see this through and hope for the best. Quoting my beloved Carlos Salvador Bilardo “Bah, we can all sit here and analyse, analyse and analyse all you want. The goals are made in the field. Want to know who’s going to win? Watch the damn match”.

Michael Owen came off because that’s generally Erikson’s strategy as England’s manager: get an early goal and then go into a defensive shell for 80 minutes and hope it works. No matter how many times it, you know, doesn’t, especially come knockout phase time. Memo to Erikson: it’s okay to score twice in the same game. Big ups to Peter Crouch for trying to make a second goal happen during the first half. Unfortunately, it was another one of those England games I dread; “okay, we scored one, now it’s up to you defense to make it stand up, the offense is taking off early to beat the rush to the pub.”

(actually I think Owen is still at less than 100%. Easy to forget that with all the focus on Rooney’s more severe injury, but no point in risking Owen getting more severely hurt on top of that.)

and WOW; Trinidad and Tobago shook up the world. Well, sorta. As much as a tie is ever going to, anyway.