Fic-Related Issue

As some people may have noticed, I keep updating my fic project, the Planewalkers War, whenever I have the chance. However, how am I supposed to improve my writing if nobody even looks at it? I need some reviews so I can make it better, OK? So, if you don’t mind, drop by the Media Forum and post your opinion on the fic so far.
Thanks for your attention. I wouldn’t be asking this under normal circumstances, but I’m posting that thing there because I need reviews so I’ll know what to improve.

Sorry, but I don’t feel like reading really long things right now.

I, personally, won’t read it because I detest fan fiction. Despite the shittasticness of the above site (or so I’ve heard), some people give honest reviews.

which you may or may not want.

<img src=“”> People who visit the media forum and enjoy that stuff will read it. Noone else will. So uh, this thread is kinda stupid.

Yeah, I really don’t like fanfiction at all, so I don’t think I’ll be reading it.

Heeey… I have a fic on there…
Fallout Fanfic

Yeah I would but I can’t :stuck_out_tongue: