FFXII Playable Demo...

Didn’t see a thread for it, so here we go:

Did anyone else play this? Am I the only one who really really doesnt like the new battle system? I love the look and feel of the world, especially since it really reminds me of Tactics and Vagrant Story in many ways…

But the gameplay seems to have taken a major hit with this new realtime battle system thing… I’m all for change, I think change is great… But… This change was kinda bad, imo.


I didn’t like FFXI’s battle system online, and I sure as shit don’t like the idea of it offline.

It isnt quite the same as FFXI… But now that you mention it, there are some similarities.

And indeed I suppose it does play more like an MMORPG than any other final fantasy (with the exception of XI, which WAS an mmorpg)…

Thank you for pointing that out Cro.

My pleasure.

I played it, and even though I’m not really a fan of FF I’d have to say I kinda liked it.

Sounds like they’re trying to copy morrowind. gasp! :no2:

So explain this real time battle thing. I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

the one guy i talked to that had played it said he really liked it, but he wasn’t a fan of the series, big fan of WoW though. where can you get this demo by the way?

It comes with DQ8.

The battle system isn’t quite real-time, but is more real time than any past FF. Basically you wonder around and there are enemies on the field. To attack (or do any other action), you bring up a menu like it past FFs and select your command. A bar will fill-up (like in past FF games) and when it is completely full you do the action and repeat. The battle doesn’t go to a seperate screen and there is little delay between battles.

So it’s a crapped down version of Vagrant Story’s?

It’s more like an offline version of FF11’s battle system.

It is something I’ve been wondering for a awhile, but what is the general consensus of the battle system? Yay or nay?

I have been predicting for a long time that FFXII would suck.

Every game, unless it’s FF9, sucks according to you.

Bravo Quina! Keep those intelligent posts coming!

Hay guys let’s shit up a thread by posting about how much we already know about Quina sucking ass. Quina Quina Quina Quina Quina.

Now that that’s out of my system, I managed to get ahold of a copy of the demo from a DQ8 fanboy I know. He absolutely hates it, but I found it to be pretty good. I especially enjoyed the music, and the feel of the battle system, while odd at first, is growing on me quickly. They better not screw this up.

I popped it in and thought I was running around in Bibiki Bay or WhiteSands Beach in Valkurm Dunes (FFXI), but I felt like I had very little control of my characters, even when switching to manual. Offline FFXI with dumbed down controls is my take on the battle system so far.

I do like the fact there is no random encounters, and you have full control of the camera in a true 3D world.

I thought it was interesting. In active-mode, it was enjoyable and entertaining, however I will wait for the final version to pass judgement as if the story element sucks then no amount of good gameplay may save it.

Besides, you can’t expect MMORPG caliber with a Ps2 controller, you’re a bit short on buttons here.

I’m starting to hate christmas. I get a bunch of cool games, but i have to wait 'till xmas morning to play them!
The reason i say this is because i got DQVIII and have to wait till tomorrow to play it. I’ll get to play the FFXII demo too, and see what i think. I hope i like it.

I dreamed about playing FFXI and i said in my dream “Why couldn’t this be more actiony like World Of Warcraft” and suddenly the game became more fast-paced and actiony

I don’t even play final fantasy xi, and I never played WoW before

When I used to play dark cloud 2 i dreamed about it every night

Anyways, champions of norrath took place in Norrath (Everquest) but it was way different

Final Fantasy XI has a shitty slow paced battle system designed for a team so XII must suck too. But i’ll give it a chance anyways

It would be neat if you could save your data and keep it for the real game 'cause i’m gonna buy it anyways because i collect PS2 rpgs

The problem with FFXII’s battle system is that it is so different from the standard battle systems of FF5-FF9. FF10 had a turn-based battle system similar to FF1, because each enemy would get one attack per turn. But at least the elements, character stats, and abilities made it look very nice and fun. The turn-based system of FF4 didn’t have turns for the enemies but had turns for the characters, which made it more challenging. But FF11’s real-time system is designed specifically for MMORPG’s, because each player attacks at any time. It is possible for multiplayer because each player can hit their commands at the same time. But one person can’t hit two commands at the same time. Unless it is a action rpg which uses AI to control all but one of the party members, a real-time system would be pretty bad. Still, I am getting DQ8 just because I have never played a Dragon Quest game and I think I would like to try one. So I might as well play the FFXII demo that comes with it, but I don’t think it will be very fun. And I am really upset with the FF series leaving the battle screens and victory battle music.