The Dalmasca Estersand, by Jeffery atW

Eruyt Village, by Thomas Christensen

Time of Rest, by Cammy

Sailkawood, Desperate Fight & The Begining of the End, by Thomash Lee

Kis me Goodbye, by Arnold Morrison

You can get the whole FF XII soundtrack by going to www.bluelaguna.net

greiver: Know that, but posted FFXII Midis in cause the FF Compendium was in the search of them.

If they wanted midi couldn’t they just convert the MP3 file into a Midi file?

I have no idea how to do that, and I predict that would sound horrible. Midis aren’t just low-grade MP3 or wav files, they’re like a very complex music box, with different slots (called channels) for each musical instrument, and instructions for what and when each instrument should play. You can actually code a midi from scratch without ever playing a single instrument. That’s why sometimes if you listen to a midi all you can hear is a single drum beat or sometimes just silence. Every midi synthesizer is different, so if something was designed on a weird midi synthesizer with the channels mapped to instruments that aren’t standard, it wont sound too good on the computer. That’s why I don’t care much for the midi scene anymore. But thank you very much for the contribution.

theWallflower: You’re welcome. I make to post ideal sounding Midis that match the game BGMs closest.

Thanks, but in the future, sending an e-mail would probably be the better way as far as contributions go.

Cidolfas: That’s the thing, for some reasons, your E-Mail doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Black Mages: The Fight with Seymour

FFX2: I’ll Blow You A Kiss [Jp: I’ll Give You Something Hot]

FFX2: Rikku

Instead of being an ass, i’ll just link you to the wikipedia article.