FFXII Good or Bad thing?

[b]Lets discuss, it seems FFXII is going to be more reminicent of Tactics style or Vagrant Story style world set, with a somewhat classic FF character theme…

Do you see this as well? And are, too, hoping that this will repent for FFX-2?[/b]

Oops, I said somthing bad about FFX-2 I bet an argument will start here. Heh. Oh well, I’m not a J-Pop rendition of Charlie’s Angels fan anyway…

I say it’s a very good thing,the series is very good,but it’s very good that they changed the style,especially the battle sequences,besides Vagrant Story and FFT are some of the best games Square-Enix has,and a style similar in art and story is a VERY good.

If the game plays like Vagrant Story, then it’s a good thing. I like and hate the setting of the game; the world looks cool, but the characters look awful. And if the battles are like FFX-2, where the only command that matters is “attack”, then I’ll be very upset.

So I’m skeptical, and not as excited as I should be, I guess. Alter Code F has my interest.

And if the battles are like FFX-2, where the only command that matters is “attack”, then I’ll be very upset.

I don’t think that is going to bother you since battles are not turn based,the battles start right away and you can see when an enemy is coming towards you since they appear when your walking.

I’m more interested in Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time which comes out August 31st.

Like most every other RPG? I usually do fine in RPGs with attacking and the occasional cure. MMORPGs are the only ones that change this trend…a bit.

Err, no. I mean like FFX-2, where every ability in the game save Darkness is utterly useless because they hardly work, they take longer to execute than a physical attack, and they do the same amount of damage as a physical attack.

sounds more like FFXI… no complaints there fro me… i LOVE FF11’s battle system

Change = Good

Although I couldn’t stand FFTA (my personal jury is still out on FFT) I think it’s a good direction for the series to take. Mostly because I’ve been playing Disgaea a lot recently. Go Squeenix.

I think I’ll wait until I’ve actually played the thing, before making up my mind.

But at the moment it does sound like an interesting choice for Squarenix. I just they pull it off right.

I think it looks…pretty good. The character designs… well, let’s just say they could be better. The world looks alright, I guess. I’m not too excited about it. Oh I like Balthier though, and Basch in armor looks cool. His normal costume is wierd. I’ve never played FF11 (I got no job… unfortunately) but everyone says the battle system is awesome, and if 12’s is like 11’s, then I guess it’ll be awesome. Let’s hope the battle system is good enough to make up for everything else.

Has any one have seen a Vid of the Battle Mode? It sounds kinda like a Cross between Vagrant Story(Slow)/ Kingdom Hearts. If it’s online post it here. I’ve seen The ‘Movie’ Trailer.

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Big Nutter
Even if it’s Dec 2004 Release the Uk will only get it Nov 2005! That the only bad thing i see about it at the moment.

Wow… You’ve really been playing some sh*ty RPGs then. Pick up somthing like Tales of Symphonia, Lunar (Silver Star, and Eternal Blue), Never Winter Nights, etc…

GOOD rpgs will force you to make intelligent decisions based on your party. Just a bunch of “Fight” or “Attack” will usually lead to swift death in the games listed above. Its true that alot of FF games are too easy, but look at FFVI, moderate difficulty with a good mix of attacks. Where-in you needed to do Sabin’s combos and Celes’ Magic Sword thing…

Or perhaps you’ve just not experimented with the effectiveness of using MORE than just attack…?

the only problem with FF12’s battle system being like FF11’s, is how your other chars are going to use abilities… or if the AI picks out their abilities, ya know.

I’m not fond of “Auto-Attack” in a console RPG. It fits for MMORPGs, and it worked well for Never Winter Nights, but pushing X on attack and then sitting there while the character wails on the monster isnt my idea of fun.

The reason it works for FFXI is because you have a bunch of skills that play into it, and having the “auto attack” can really fix some major bugs you’d have with lag in battles.

in short, if it looks like FFXI style battles, thats cool, if it controlls like FFXI thats cool too, but damn, if they make it Auto Attack based, Im not going to enjoy it.

I want it out…NOOOOW!!! Ok, I’m gonna be quiet now.

the protagonist is HOT. :biggrin:

and come on, were talking about Squaresoft. theyre gonna make it work.

hmm… i was thinking, make the battles look like FFxi’s, but perhaps, use like freeze-frame while you decide what characters do what… ya know… like say you have three chars in your party, and you enter battle… lets say , the 1st char gets to select his attack, and he does it(or starts charging) then either the monster, who who’s guage charges up next goes… i probably aint makin any sense, i aint good at explaining certain ideals, ya know.

Square has made some mistakes in the past, though. Like drawing magic in 8. That just plain sucked. And I didn’t find Crystal Chronicles too awesome. I hated how you had to stay inside the circle and how you had to get new magic every stage. But Square’s done a whole lot more good than bad, there’s no doubt about that.

I hate games with Auto-Attack. That just takes a whole lot of the fun out of them, though I can see how it would be necessary for 11. Kingdom Hearts has one of my favorite battle systems, though it’s not perfect. Sora is WAY too big on the screen. I mean, whenever you get in a big battle you get lost because all you can see is flashes of light and little stars. You have to pause every once in a while to see where the heck you are. If Sora was smaller that wouldn’t be a problem. And Donald and Goofy take up half the screen, plus they’re totally USELESS in battle and they waste items whenever you give any to them. I sincerely hope the AI in 12 is gonna be better than in Kingdom Hearts. Battles are still fun but sometimes they get a little… annoying, you know?