FFXII - god dammit!

The JAPANESE release date was pushed from summer 04 to spring 05. Urgh… At least this ensures we don’t get a FF8.

There’s no problem with getting another FF8.

I would much rather have an FFX, FFT or VS (which in this case is kind of a combination of all of the above! swoons)

How sweet would it be if you could import your FFXI char?

Probably kinda salty, actually, though in my case I’m biased since I don’t have FFXI. :smiley:

Now it’s probably going to become one of those games that is indefinitly delayed. *Nod, nod.

I’d throw a guess by saying that they delayed it as Maya 6 is coming out and since it has some added features from Maya 5, they probably want to play around with it to see if they can make the graphics any better.

Okay, I’ll bite: Vhat eez zis “Maya”?

Y’know, one of the most widely used and reknowned 3d modelling programs?