Who here plays FFXI, and furthermore, what server do you play on? I’m gonna be picking it up next week.

This week or next week?

within this next week.

::dekar!:: Cerberus.
Dark Knight.
Level 30.

Many things.
Level 18 and below.

(currently a Mithra who alternates between black and red magery)

…on a side note, since the PS2 was released, there’ve been so many people in San d’Oria on my server that I can’t level my White Mage hume (he’s a jack of all trades, a bit older than the Mithra…leveled him in every basic job) due to a lack of enemies.

…Windurst is no longer underpopulated, but it’s now full of Elvaan black mages. sigh

LV 53 THF hume, Titan

linkshell: www.eternaldarknessLS.com

Haven’t levelled in 2 months, just hunt NM’s every now and then and tend to linkshell stuff. After level 50, experience parties generally play together for 5-6 hours straight…I don’t have that kind of time.

We started a junior linkshell to support the PS2 players, it’s going very well. If you’re interested, contact me through the linkshell site (pm to Lockejv), or just post in the application forum (better idea, we’ll be expecting you). We can get you a worldpass, get you started, and hook you up with some gil.

Nulani also plays on a different server, you could contact her.


Level 30 WHM.
Level 21 RDM.
Level 10 RNG.
Level 8 THF.

33 Taru BLM on Caitsith.

Found this going through screen shots last night, was our christmas party! We exchanged gifts.

Did it ever occur to you that Christ doesn’t exist in Final Fantasy? <.<;

level 9 Hume Warrior

Bismark, Bastokian Hume named Glenson

Lvl. 30 Thief, 16 warrior.

Currently leveling subjob, warrior.

Still playing RO…

some believe he’s omnipresent…that would mean he does exist in final fantasy.


Long story short, 12 out of 12 tries, I can’t get off Fenrir.
Level 3 Elvaan Warrior.

As is how it should be.
You need to know someone on the world you want to go to, and that someone has to buy you a world pass.


I’ve been pondering starting up my FFXI again for a month or so, depending on how bored I get. I’ve been playing a game with a bot, and that’s pretty cool. Sun: Do you play on kRO? Or jRO? Or a private server? I have a level… I think level 13 or so Mithra Thief. Pretty sure I’m gonna go either THF/NIN or THF/WAR (6 hits <3)

I just got it. I’m a level 2 hume monk. My email on it is infonick@pol.com, but my handle and characetr name is “Inasuh.”

What server are you on, Info, and what is your nation?