Who plays the game here and what server are you all on?

I just got the game and I’m looking for people to play with, and I’m currently on Carbuncle playing a monk.

Gimme a week or 2. I don’t have it yet.


Waiting for PS2 HDD…

Lvl. 21 thf/10 war here, on Bismark.

Haven’t been on for a while… coughDE2cough

I’m gonna get it within the next couple days to try it out. I DO NOT like the idea of having to recreate a character on a different server just to play with friends.

If you had thrown a glance in the PC Games Forum, you wouldn’t have had to create this thread.

Name: Nulani.
Job: Red Mage.
Location: Windrust.
Level: 10.

World: Phoenix.