I’m thinking of getting into this whole MMORPG business, but I do have a few questions. I saw FFXI with 2 expansions for 30$ and it comes with one month free gaming. I realize I must pay if I am to continue.

I am unable to pay with a creditcard unless Paypal is accepted. I know that for WoW you can go to an EBGames and buy a month of gaming there, but I dunno if it’s also for FFXI.

I’m all for playing but if it’s impossible for me to?

I didnt see paypal as a payment option. I know you cant “buy time” for FFXI the same way you can for WOW.

Plus you really dont want to play it. Unless you like the idea of spending 20 hours just to get to level 7, and need to be on level 20 to start doing anything. I’m not kidding.

Hello hyperbole, how are you today? ‘-’)/

No, PayPal is not an accepted form of payment for FFXI, nor can you buy “time” the same way you can for WoW.

MMOs suck. I’ve tried most of 'em and have yet to find one that doesn’t require an inordinate amount of time to advance my character.

I really would imagine all this money would be better spent helping pay for that house rent.

Hello hyperbole, how are you today? ‘-’)/

No, PayPal is not an accepted form of payment for FFXI, nor can you buy “time” the same way you can for WoW.[/QUOTE]

Fixed. Also, don’t buy that pack if you do get FFXI, there’s 3 expansions out now and there’s also a package deal for that. And the latest expansion is excellent, it’s just that the game that it’s based around is absolutely horrible.

And you could maybe reimburse some of the money you stole from your parents instead of killing a lot of crabs.


And TD, which game is the new expansion pack based on?

FFXI. I meant that the core game is horrible, so no matter how cool the content is (Blue Mages) it’ll still suffer from how awful the rest is.

And the fact that it mainly contains mid to high level content.

And again.

Setz, you’re so fucking stupid. WTF. I can’t even think of anything else to say. 984 summed it up very well.

“I really would imagine all this money would be better spent helping pay for that house rent.”


He could do something about his eating disorder.


He could think of using the money he steals from his parents so his parents can afford it since they’re so tight on cash.

I think we should encourage him to try to play FFXI. There are enough people like him in the Barrens.

I have no idea what you people are talking about, but I still think it’s hilarious.

So far the only MMORPG that’s appealed to me in the least has been PSO, and I’ve stayed far, far away from FFXI. Something about wasting hours level crunching just seems like a waste.

You guys are such dicks. I decided to buy Warcraft 2 Battlechest, Starcraft Battlechest, and Battlefield 1942 Battlechest instead.

At least we don’t steal from our parents, driving them out of their home in the process.

Being a dickchomper far outweighs the one time theft of a minute amount of cash.

We probably would be a lot nicer if you weren’t such an annoying fucking pest.

Then it’s probably a good thing I don’t chomp dicks.

Not as often as Ez, at least.

Oh I don’t think that’s possible for you guys to change.

Watch me get banned again for “flaming” when everyone else does the same if not worse.

We don’t think its possible for you to change. You’ve shown that very_consistently. What also hasn’t changed is the very powerful, visceral response you evoke from people_every_time_you_post.

See, when you make threads about stuff like this, FFXI, we’re used to seeing you make threads about games and we’re used to seeing what arises from it. Therefore, you make such a thread now about FFXI and you elicit a knee jerk response.

And what arises from game threads? Normal discussions. Something that was happening before TD and co. started replying.

You’re judging my life on something I did once before. So what if I stole 30$ from a parental figure to buy something I wanted? This happened what, 2 years ago? Give me a fucking break.

edit; you know, I came back unbanned hoping to, you know, start a new or something along those lines. I was happily greeting without anyone saying anything negative, and I thought “cool, this is good”. You guys are trying to instigate an argument, while I’m trying to innocently post.

And no, I’m not trying to say that you guys are bad, hell, I don’t even know any of you on a personal level. I’m not judging any of you for things you’ve done, so why should I get that treatment, then? The equality here escapes me.

Its not just that you’re a thief. Its everything else that you’ve posted about, your stubborness about your (potential) eating disorder/lies. Its that you continuously have made threads to draw attention, like when you’ve done all these things to use the forums as your live journal. And that is compounded often by the sheer stupidity and superficiliaty of things that you’ve done and that you continue to do or discuss.

I shouldn’t say that you’re beyond hope. I said that about TD and Hades a few years back. I wanted to kill them both. Especially Hades. Neverthless, you rank pretty low on the totem pole.

Edit: the speed at which you returned after being banned in itself boggled the minds of the moderators because you had consistently shown the behavior I described that pissed off so many people, you have been ridiculed and railed for it very frequently and yet you come back , return and do it all over. It baffles those that don’t understand what can drive someone to subject themselves to that so eagerly and willingly.