FFXI Status

Char: LockeJV
Race: Hume
Server: Titan
City: Bastok
Rank: 4

Main: 41 Thief
Sub: 20 Dark Knight
Sub: 10 Warrior

Linkshell: Eternal Darkness
Role: Officer/Webmaster

Worst Moments:
Accidently attacked a Caveberry, which linked about 5 more - killed entire party (Crawler’s Nest)
Needed 5 exp points to level, but died soloing a Ba outside Jeuno
Accidently bidding 3000 instead of 300 for a cheap pair of gloves when I had just started
The few members that have left linkshell
Waiting for hours to find an exp party with no luck (sometimes only 1-2 WHM’s on near my level)
Every time I break a Carbon fishing rod ><
Difficult parties: Wars who don’t know what provoke is, people without subjobs who “think they know”, Bards & RDM’s who bandwagon, mages who want to spend a minute sleeping/debuffing after every lure

Best Moments:
Leaping Lizzy drops Leaping Boots after an hour of hunting on Christmas day
Level 70 Red Mage power levels party for 5 hours in Crawler’s Nest (2.5 levels)
When good players join linkshell
Every time I hit Last Resort + Sneak Attack + Trick Attack + Viper Bite for 400+ damage
Bought a Federation Kukri dagger (lv 34, 15 dmg, +7 attack) for 10,000 gil at AH
Shell raids
Levelling from 26-30 in front of Quifim tower - was so much fun because the 50 or so people there all knew eachother
Every time I read “Exp Chain #5!” after a battle ^^

Current plans:
Hit level 45 by 1/9 - Treasure Hunter II!
Complete Ranger Advanced Job quest (Widescan, for NM hunting)
Depending how levelling goes, I may look into Thief Artifact armor quest (Marauder’s Knife)
Buy Junior Musketeer’s Chakram, upgrade shield, mantle (although I’ll miss Night Cape)
Weekend linkshell raid 1/10, Rank 5, (Airship Pass)
1/11 - Hunt Jaggedy Eared Jack for Rabbit’s Charm

Name: Nulani
Race: TaruTaru
World :Phoenix
Alligiance: Windrust
Rank: 1

Main: Level 14 Red Mage.

Linkshell: I forgot.

Worst moment: Being killed by goblins, just before I was about to zone.

Best moment: I don’t have any especially good moments. Not that I would mention especially anyway.

Name: Ahkeeyuu (I didn’t want that capitalized.)
Race: Elvaan
Server: Cerberus
City: San d’Oria
Rank: 1
Main: Warrior (Lev 11)
Sub: Black Mage (Lev 3)

Worst Moment: Tank accidentally pulled a Notorious Monster to party. Killed all 6 of us.

Best moment: When I got my first scythe.:fungah:

Plans: Reach Level 30. Go on Dark Knight Advanced Job Quest. Get Dark Knight AF Armor.:enguard:

Originally posted by Nulani
Best moment: I don’t have any especially good moments. Not that I would mention especially anyway.


Move to Titan, I’ll level with you to 14 in 6 hours (with my Ranger) and you’ll have more fun!

so envy of you guys… ya’ll got the dough to play FFXI:thud:

Char: Fyori
Race: Mithra
Server: Phoenix
City: Windurst
Rank: 3

20 Thf
15 War
12 Whm (current)

Linkshell: Fury

I am still undecided on my future class… I’m having fun as a Whm though.

Best moments:
Consitently getting 200 exp from maze makers from level 10-12
Getting the chocobo liscense
Finding a skull on the first ghoul I killed (treasure hunter rocks)

Worst moments:
Getting to level 16 as a war, only to have a party member pull a goblin that was way to tough for us.
Level 13 as a war ( I died sooooooo much)
starting mission 6 in sandoria when everyone else starts in bastok >.<
Every trip to valkurm but the first

Is this game ever comming out for PS2?

The US release date is March 23rd. There hasn’t been a confirmed release date for Europe yet.

Originally posted by JasoX
Finding a skull on the first ghoul I killed (treasure hunter rocks)
starting mission 6 in sandoria when everyone else starts in

On 12/26, our linkshell had a skull raid, and shouted in the dunes “linkshell fetching skull for you - merry christmas!” We got around 10 people to join us, and headed to the mines in full alliance…and they quickly got their presents!

I was lucky enough to team up with a JP party at level 14 in the dunes…they got me all 3 subjob items before I even knew what they were for, and hit 18 with them the same evening. It was my first solid experience party…learned a lot from them.

I did the same thing for Mission 3! Most started in Sandoria, and I started in Windy. It was a pain finding a group to fight the Sandy Dragon, but 5 of us at level 24 crushed it pretty easily.

I got all my friends on Phoenix, so I’m staying. Got my linkshell there too.

Name: Ooka
Race: Tarutaru
World: Caitsith
City: Windhurst
Rank: 2
Job: lv.16 Black Mage

Worst time:
Leveling to lv13, then dying and dropping back to lv12 a grand total of 7 times.

Best time:
Travelling around the world at lv6, and having to run from about every monster I came across.

Now I’m level 15. Excuse me while I applaud myself.

*Applauds herself.

/cheer Nulani

Congrats on lv 15 (call4)! Your subjob quest should be first priority now. Try to get into a party 15-17 and start on crabs at the dunes. Get your apron…then start on Damselflies to get your worm. After that you should be around 17; I recommend going to Gusgen to get skull, although some people prefer spending hours upon hours waiting for Ghouls to spawn in the dune oasis. People will die in Gusgen probably, the damn dogs are nasty. Since you have so many friends on your sever, I’m guessing some higher level would be glad to help you get the skull drop ^^

I hit level 43 Tuesday night, and was in an experience party most of Wed night, but it was shitty. Only got to 43.5, but we gained two shell members from the party! Then we decided to go to quicksands…but things didn’t go very well.

We’re running around in the desert, party is scattered, Dragoon who was our tank (bad idea) had just dropped so we’re one short already…and I see a Sabotender! I’m like OMG CACTUAR!!!1 So I’m marking out, I check it - only “tough”, I see my Black Mage and White Mage, and I attack…

Being a thief I don’t have much defense, the thing is just pounding me, and I’m hardly doing any damage, so the WHM casts Cure 3 on me to save my ass - the Cactuar then attacks him. Instead of running he decides to tank…Black Mage starts nuking it, but it’s too late. primary White Mage is dead. I hit backstab for some nice damage, but just pissed it off…our secondary White Mage and Dark Knight finally show up, we get into formation and start doing some damage…but NO! Thousand Needle attack kills all four of us.

Luckily a high level JP Paladin happened to be walking by, and raised us. Dragoon shows up, all of us are pissed, so we camped those damn Sabotenders and killed about 10 of them…revenge is so sweet!

PCGamer gave FFXI a 90%. I was thoroughly impressed, they traditionally disdain MMORPGs when they debut.

Now level 46 thf! Levelling didn’t go very well during the week, but on Saturday morning, we sent a JP Summoner an invite - she brought along a lv 70 red mage to power level us in the Crawler’s Nest! Power levelling is always good…

Got my theif AF1 (artifact) weapon - Marauder’s Knife. Completed Ninja and Ranger subjob quests. Didn’t get Rank 5…needed to sleep; some shell members finished it. Really need to get Rank 5; airship is fastest and cheapest way to travel (besides teleport/warp).

Didn’t hunt Jack, hunted Valkum Emperor (in dunes) for Emperor’s hairpin last night. Killed one, watched someone else kill another, no drop. Only spawns once every two hours - gonna try again tonight! Ranger Widescan makes hunting ~so~ much easier.

Bought a Strike Shield for 60,000, thanks to a loan from my linkshell. Got my Muskateer’s Chakram. Upgraded some other stuff.

This week: get Emperor’s Hairpin, Rank 5, Level 50, Bone Knife +1, upgrade mantle.

Made Level 13 last night. Ph33r me!!::dekar!::

Lvl 21 thf/10 war… haven’t played for a while, though… have some other single-player games to go through first. :slight_smile:

Started a new character today:

Name: Creamygoodness
Race: Tarutaru
Job: BLM
Current Level: 5
Server Cerberus

Ph33r teh Creamygoodness!!

Hey, how do you check your world? I might try to move to pheonix… Seems like most are there. I just got it to start working last night (New computer) and I’m a level 3 mithra theif.

EDIT: Aww shit. I just saw it, and I’m in Seraph. : \

Ask someone on the Pheonix server for a world pass ID, delete your current character, and start a new one - and enter the pass ID when requested. You can get back to level 3 in about 20 minutes probably, so it’s not like you’ll lose a lot of time starting over. Having people you know that are willing to help you with n00b questions will probably save you hours, so it’s well worth the move.

PS - Most Mithra are played by dudes…somewhat disturbing…