FFXI Server

I’m not sure if there was a thread on this already, but I couldn’t find one at the moment, and I was gone for a couple months, so I’ll post it now.

I’m basically just wondering, for those ppl here who play FFXI, what server are you on? I’m on the Bismarck server and thought it would be cool if some people I know from here were on the same server as me.

Actually, I am from Bismark, named Glenson. Currently lvl. 50 thf

On Phoenix, account currently suspended until I can get another credit card.

LV 65 THF on Titan

Oh, there is another Bismarcker here ^^ Look me up in game sometime. I’m Rhapsody, a lvl 67 summoner.

Most of us are on Phoenix.

52 DRK named Ahkeeyuu.
20 RDM named Creamygoodness.

Both on Cerberus.