FFXI "Raising a Thief from 10-15 is HELL"

I know raising thief for some of you has been a grueling and terrible ordeal… I know it has been for me. However, I’d like to point out a wonderfully easy way to get from 10-15 as a theif without having to join a single party.

Bare in mind that I’m elvaan so my dex and agi are terrible. However, I subbed Ranger to do this and it was VERY much worth it.

around level 7 when it starts getting harder to melee enemies to death, get yourself a nice Self Bow +1 (if you can afford it) and several stacks of Bone Arrows. Next, head to La Thiene Plateau. (I did this in Sandy so thats the closest “10-20” level zone.)

Begin awsomeness-

Find a Rock Eater, They are the worms that should /check to you as VT or T with High Defense and Evasion.

Stand far away from them and slowly nudge in closely in little steps and try using Ranged Attacks on it(I set mine to CTRL+D).

If you are “Too far away” get a little closer…

Now that you are JUST in range to shoot, nail it with well placed arrow to the feelers. And STEP THE FUDGE BACK.

The Worm will begin casting either Stone or Bind (whichever he is in the mood for) and will find that you are out of his/her casting range… Oh no, what ever will he do?

Well, as soon as he starts casting and you stepped out of range, his spell got flubbed, now nudge back into range and shoot again!

If you are subbing Ranger and its a Tough or Very tough, remember you can use Sharp Shot to help raise accuracy.

I did this for about 2 hours and was pulling no less than 120 exp per kill by myself… as a THIEF…

I plan on doing this all the way to level 15 so I dont have to deal with noobs endangering my life and prolonging the trauma that is Thief leveling from 10-15…

I hope this helps some of you who just DONT WANT TO RAISE THIEF… but know that you must do it if you want to make enough money for that nice shiny armor at the Auction House.

Oh, and heres my info if you play FFXI

World: Cerberus
Name: Seraphin
Race: Elvaan
Nation: San d’Oria
Primary Job: Paladin/Warrior


In addition, here are the equipment that I recommend getting ahold of to make your life of Thief ULTRA easy…

Cause in case you didnt know (and as funny as it may seem) Agility is what effects Ranged Accuracy.

Bee Stinger
Level: 7
Damage: 4
Delay:150 (that is hella fast, btw)
DEX +1, AGI +1

Leaping Boots
Level: 7
Defense: 3
DEX +3, AGI +3
((Side-Note: Leaping Boots are very awsome, they are expensive as hell though, about 200k on my server right now.))

Rabbit Charm
Level: 7 (Thief Only)
Defense: 1
DEX +1, AGI+1
((Also expensive, this is a rare drop from Jaggety Earred Jack, the Notorious Monster for West Ronfaure who spawns after enough forest hare are killed))

Happy hunting everyone!

Exact same tactic as for soloing with a BLM. If you really wanted to, you could solo from 1 to about 30 on various worms by doing this (and if you really, really wanted to, you could pick it up again in the upper 30’s and do it all the way to 70).

If you do try this, though, note that worms typically have a slightly better range with their magic than you will - I’ve been bound and then slaughtered with spells from one while I couldn’t touch it. :fungah:

Oh, and it gets alot harder at about level 23, when they get Stoneskin.

I’d like to change a little part that is very important…

I found out while doing this last night, that if you stand JUST in reach of your bow’s max range… You are JUST out of thier casting range… So you dont even have to move if you use bow&arrow… Now, im not sure if that is due to the ranger sub or not… But hell, its even easier now!

Well they did it.

Somewhere along the line the GMs noticed what was going on, and now we can no longer snipe away at worms safely, they extended the casting range for worms beyond the range of a ranger’s bow.

Damn you square, I was so close to 15 too… I hate thief…

But you can still outgun and outrun them.

As far as I can tell, they always did have better range than bow or magic, but the last update messed up the range of everything (in the player’s advantage, in this case). Now that they’ve fixed it, it’s back to the same old hit & run tactics.

If in fact the worm casting range has always been better, then somehow I found a glitch with doing Thief/Ranger, cause I could stand there and shoot away for 5 minutes to kill an IT worm and get 200+ exp without getting hit. They fixed that and it makes me sad, even though its an exploit.

I didn’t have a problem getting to 15 because I partied with other people. What’s it take, 4 hours to go from 10-15 if you’re fighting VT/IT? OMG so hard! Please. With a RNG sub, as was mentioned, you outdamage most classes. Don’t bother fighting Jack for Rabbit’s Charm, I’ve killed it 20 times with Treasure Hunter 2 and no drop. It’s really an incredible waste of time. If I spent that time hunting Lizzy or Valkurm Emperor, I’d be 2,000,000 gil richer - easily.

Yeah, not so hard in theory but keep in mind one thing:

People in Valkurm Dunes are FRIGGING RETARDED. So many times I’ve died needlessly for stupidity.

Dual Tanks who refuse to stand togather out of kindness so Sneak Attack is easier.
Black Mages that spam with reckless abandon.
Red Mages who think melee is most important and dont regain MP after fights
Fighting Snippers without a black mage… God… People what the hell???
etc etc etc…

In short, the only problem with FFXI is getting high enough level that all the idiots are either weeded out by monsters OR have learned how to play finally.

Occasionally I got into a decent party (had to organize it myself and teach all the new players how to play… along with teaching the Tank how to set a provoke macro…) and finally I made it… Now at 16 I decided I never want to do the Dunes again. I’m going back to my Paladin.


:hint: I’m on Cerberus too. I’m a lvl 45 DRK/WAR and I’m working on getting SAM up when I feel like it. Give me a shout around lvl 45. My character is Ahkeeyuu.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the dunes try Korroloka Tunnel. You can do levels 15-20 in there. Most of the people in there are Japanese however.