FFXI Monster Database

Anyone who plays the game, check out this:


I came up with the code and Lord Skylark got all the information. Pretty neat, eh? :sunglasses:

Damn that’s cool. :smiley:

I really need to get FFXI at some point, but I’m enjoying RO too much… :frowning:

While I’m here… Sky just sent me this:

I was wondering…do you know of someone that has a really good computer that plays FF11 - or at least still has a subscription so they can play it? I really don’t know many peopel an no one has responded to me on gamefaqs. I just need to know if someone can take a few nights of their time to take screenshots for me of monsters - basically, I just need them to change the names of files so that the game loads up a different model and then take pictures of all the models. There’s probably like 300+ models. So, they change the file name…start up the game…it loads an alternate model…take a picture…then close…change the model name of a different model…and repeat like 300 times. I mean, I can pay money for someoen to do this if they want to. But like it has to be someone that will actualyl do this in a decent amount of time and that I can talk to while they’re doing it so I can tell them maybe if I didn’t like specific angles and stuff for the enemies and stuff - or at least when they get done. And they’d have to be around for future updates when they add in new models (which is like every 2-3 months and maybe they’ll add 15 new models at the most…and sometimes none at all).

Anybody up to this?

I would if I had FFXI and a decent computer.