FFXI Help Wanted

I got this from Lord Skylark, who’s worked on a monster database. You can find it here:

I was wondering…do you know of someone that has a really good computer that plays FF11 - or at least still has a subscription so they can play it? I really don’t know many peopel an no one has responded to me on gamefaqs. I just need to know if someone can take a few nights of their time to take screenshots for me of monsters - basically, I just need them to change the names of files so that the game loads up a different model and then take pictures of all the models. There’s probably like 300+ models. So, they change the file name…start up the game…it loads an alternate model…take a picture…then close…change the model name of a different model…and repeat like 300 times. I mean, I can pay money for someoen to do this if they want to. But like it has to be someone that will actualyl do this in a decent amount of time and that I can talk to while they’re doing it so I can tell them maybe if I didn’t like specific angles and stuff for the enemies and stuff - or at least when they get done. And they’d have to be around for future updates when they add in new models (which is like every 2-3 months and maybe they’ll add 15 new models at the most…and sometimes none at all).

So… anybody up to it?

LV 53 THF here. Register and post your request in the GD forum on our linkshell site - www.eternaldarknessLS.com. I know ffcompendium is popular; if we can get some exposure from working with you, a crew of us might be able to get you the images quickly. Very quickly.

OK, I’ll try that. :sunglasses: Thanks!