FFXI for the PS2

Okay so I might get ffxi for the PS2. All I need is the game,HDD,thenetwok adapter, and the keyboard right? Where can I get a keyboard for this anyway? Also how exactly do you set this up? Does the HDD go onto the PS2? And do I pop the game into my ps2 and play it there?

You don’t “need” the keyboard. It’s just VERY very very very very very conveniant to have. Any USB keyboard will do, although some have some minor prolems with things like repeated characters (-_-)

You will install the HD onto the Network adapter, and then the network adapter into the PS2. You install the software, and then you run your PS2, Browswer -> HDD -> Playonline.

Okay so I don’t have to leave my room. Maybe I’ll be able to get it in a couple of months. But by that time I’ll be back in school and have no free time!

Once you start playing, you wont have ANY time.