FFX2: Sphere Break

OK, while I’m on the subject of unnecessary minigames (in another thread) I’d better ask for help with Sphere Break NOW. Yes, I know I should post this in the Game Help section, but I got only ONE answer to my request for help with Gunner’s Gauntlet there. I hope more people see this here. (Cid, you decide if you should move it.)

OK, so can anyone tell me HOW I can beat the tournament? I only want to do so to get the Lady Luck Dressphere now rather than wait for Chapter 5. Besides, the tourney DOES count for Story Completion sigh And no, I haven’t played Sphere Break yet, I was too busy doing other things (like trying to pass that censored Gauntlet!!) Math was always my worst subject. -_-
Is it true that the coins you dig up at Bikanel Desert are a big help? Oh, and has anyone won the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid from Shinra yet? The guide says it’s a rare thing.

OK, a bit of explanation.

-The coins you dig up are useless in the tournament, because you have to use the coins you give you there.
-I have gotten the Treasure Hunt GG. It’s not as rare as you might think. Just quickly check if any of your border coins have the Item trait, and if so, include them in your turn. You’ll win the GG that way. Similarly you can get another GG from the lady with the dog if you play her as your third battle. By the way, Treasure Hunt is one of the most useful GGs because any character who Mugs gets 1 AP per Mug, regardless of whether it’s successful or not. 8D

As for beating the games, the absolute best strategy is to do Echo Multipliers. Basically, always use three coins for your combos - one entry coin and two border coins. (Although if you have to use two entry coins I think the multiplier still carries on, as long as the total number of coins is 3.) That’s by far the best way to win. The only way you can really lose is if you get a core number of 1, in which case you have to start your multipliers over again. But I found this way to be easiest.

A quick note: You can easily get a three-coin combo with a core number of 2 by picking any odd entry coin, then any even border coin, then any odd border coin.

Thanks, Cid. 8) Now to see if I’m any good at this game.

BTW, I found several coins at the desert, but I can’t figure out how to check their stats (bonuses and such) I don’t see them listed under items. Are they visible only while playing?

The only way to do anything with them is when playing a Sphere Break game outside the tournament (you can only do that in chapters 2 and 5). You can sell them there too.

It’s really easy, I recommend beating Shinra NOW, or else he’ll be much harder in Chapter 5.

Hmmph. Just as I expected, I can’t beat Shinra. I suppose I could keep playing until I win by random chance, but I’m NOT enjoying it, so what’s the point? I’ve decided to let him win, then challenge him for the Lady Luck Dressphere later on in the game. Maybe outside the tournament (with other coins) I’ll have better luck.

And if that means I don’t get the full Story Completion this playthrough, so be it- I was going to play again anyway (to see the New Yevon Scenes) so I might as well leave it for then (the game % carries over.) I WILL, however, try to get everything else in the first try, thought.

I’m fairly sure you can get 100% even if you don’t win. But it’ll be MUCH harder later on, trust me. -_- The entry coins don’t really matter much. If you can get three-coin combos consistently, you really shouldn’t have too many problems. The only thing that might trip you up are core spheres of 1, and if you find yourself getting too many of those, it’s just bad luck. ^^; Restart and try again.

keep your echo bonus up and your good but i hate getting those #1 cores dammit

Update: I finally beat Shinra!!

I KNEW that, once outside that stressful tournament, and with the right combination of Rare coins, I would stand a better chance. This is the combo I used:
-a Bomb coin (for the Coin Echo bonuses)
-a Georapella coin (for the Quota x4 bonus!!)
-an Adamantoise coin (item trait- to get the Treasure Hunt Grid )
-and a Stalwart coin (Multiplier bonus)

I went for 2-coin Echos, AND I always tried to get double the Sphere number (to get the Multiplier bonus as well.) It was over before I knew it!! :eek:

So yeah, I got the Lady Luck Dress- then I played him AGAIN to get the Treasure Hunt Grid.

Now I only need to win the White Signet Grid from the lady with the dog, and I’ll be DONE with this annoying minigame.