FFX Spere Grid

Im getting done with some of my characters on the spere grid, where should i put them next?

kimari is on wakka’s grid, is this a good thing?

also, where can you get lv 4 lock speres, as i need some.

Try and learn them the abilities that you know would be good for everyone. For example, your attackers may want to head down Tidus’ route and learn Quick Hit, Hastega, and the like. Armor Break and the Buster attacks are nice to learn, too. Teach Use and Mug to as many people as you can for easier stealing.

As for L4 Key Spheres, you can bribe a Chimera Brain to earn them. 196,000 Gil for 2 of them. 8)

I always sent Wakka, Tidus, and Auron down each others’ grids. I had Kimahri learn Rikku and Yuna’s stuff, Rikku learn Lulu’s and another fighter’s, Yuna learn Lulu’s and Kimahri or Tidus’s, and Lulu go through Yuna and Wakka.

I was also able to find some lvl 3 and 4 key spheres in the Omega Ruins, just by fighting around.

There are two of them on mount gagazet.

I had Kimari doing a lap around the center then Up through Titus then Lulu Got the Kick ass spells then on to Wakkas. At the same time Get Auron in to Lulu’s kick ass spells. But I Basicly follows Cids post personal Path.

I sent Kimhari into Yuna’s sector (and used some black magic sphere’s to teach him the firaga, thundaga, blizzaga, and waterga), Yuna to Lulu’s, Lulu back to Yuna’s, Rikku to Lulu’s (I think), Wakka to Auron’s, Auron to Tidus’, and Tidus’ into Yuna’s.