FFX Question

After i got the Airship. i found that i couldnt get back in to besaid. ( i never tried before, after i left there the first time)

is there a way to get back in?

the same goes for Djose Temple.

Besaid is a little tricky; you have to run the length of the entire island again to get to the village! Head off the beach, then take the little winding cliff thing up and you’ll reach the waterfall area. Traverse the beautiful Besaid scenery until you reach the place where the statue you prayed to way back at the beginning is. From there, take the lower path to the village.

Djose is still there too. You can head south from the Moonflow and then veer east at the Djose Highroads fork in the road, or select Djose Highroad and keep going north until you reach that branch in the road.

You should be banned as heretics for killing seymour, so you shouldn’t be able to get into any temple for a while.

Actually, by the time you can control the airship, all of the temples are open. Go through them again if you want, and you can get treasures at the end of each one (you can go into the Chambers of the Fayth now).

Dalton: I don’t think so… if I recall correctly, the temples won’t open up until you visit Bevelle.

Cid’s right, you have to visit Bevelle before the temples become available again.

Oops, my mistake. After that though, they will be open.

…And don’t forget, if you’re using the international version, there’ll be a little surprise in store for you if you resturn to Besaid… :wink:

A nasty surprise too, didn’t they include it in the US version?

No, we didn’t get the nasty surprises. Only International Edition people, sorry.

I wish they’d release the International edition over here instead of, say, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or something.

Neb: the master of understatement :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s little compared to the other ones you find! ;-p

and Squaresoft really do need to sort out their release policy regarding the international versions, it’s true… I could’ve sworn FFX I (not to be confused with FFXI, of course) was released in the US, but now I come to think of it, I dmily recall the Japs kept it to themselves…

I hear that! That fourth disc for Final Fantasy VII is pretty cool too; the system file one? Too bad we didn’t get that; I wish we got that over Kingdom Hearts. 8P

Don’t be dissing KH. I’ve already played it three times, it’s a lot of fun. 8p

America loses out on the souped-up versions of games by getting the games early. Europe gets the better versions because they get it a year or more later than in the US.

In a bit of a reversal, us North Americaners are getting the Editor’s Cut of Star Ocean 3 - but we’re getting it close to a year after we were supposed to.

System file disc? Buh? And yeah KH rocks. And KH2 will be even better, since it has non chibified Auron.

Sorry for the KH remark… 8)

Anyways, Japan got a special re-release of FFVII with 4 discs, the “american bosses” (meaning, Emerald and Ruby, which weren’t in the Japanese one), and the FMVs and stuff that had to do with those bosses.

The fourth disc was a system file with FMV playback, a full item checklist, a bestiary and a few other neat things.

Would anyone mind telling us stupid americans who will never so much as TOUCH the international version what the “suprise” is?

(Stupid, stupid international version…;.:wink:

In this case, an incredibly hard (read, harder than Nemesis, probably) version of Valefor. Same graphic and pallete as Dark Valefor from X-2 or the second end battle from FFX, if you’re wondering. Also, there are more Dark Aeons abound, one for every Aeon in the game. After all that, there’s an uber hidden boss named Penance (or Das Richter), a few new abilities and an “expert” sphere grid.