FFX Plot Hole (Spoilers)

Well you just have to admit that the FF’s scenarii are not as well made as CT/RD/CC/XG’s ones!!! =P

In all cases, don’t count on FFX-2 to shed some light on this error…

Actually, I think Final Fantasy X’s world (Spira) is far more interesting than any other game out there.

It’s certainly one of the most realistic.

Maybe realisitc, but I thought the way that Square crafted the entire world to work on spheres and circles to be quite beautiful.

Yeah, Spheres instead of Crystals for a change… Allthough, i dont quite understand the connection to Pyreflies. What exactly are they ? What do they do ? Can you eat them ?

I would also like to note that i hate Tromel. I cant stand that guy. His stupid hair do, his ugly pot belly, that dumb way he talks… throws darts at a picture of Tromell

Actually, I’m pretty sure Jyscal was plain old lying when he said he “accepted” death. He was probably saying something more like “I kind of deserved what I got, but that doesn’t mean I have to take it lying down.”

FFX2 I’m saying this because in FFX-2 there’s evidence that Jyscal is still wandering around as an unsent. Go to the Bevelle 100-level dungeon in chapter 5 and each 20 floors you fight a monster. The monster’s actually a dead maester of Yevon who turns into the monster. In floor 40, it’s Jyscal.

Cid, thats pretty cool. I havnt been able to put as much time in X-2 lately. D2 and construction take up my time.

I agree with that bit about Lord Jyscal, kind of. Like i said, the way he accepted his death is sorta like the way Odin accepts his. Instead of whining and moping, he does something about it.

I’d think it had something to do with having unfinished business. Like Auron had Tidus to protect as a promise to Jecht. Mika had the balance of all of spira to maintain. Seymour wanted to become sin. So all though Jyscal accepted his death as punishment he was also held back from being completely sent because he needed to stop seymour.

I think the only way something like this could ever really be solved would be if Square released a bit more info on the whole workings of the Sending, Farplane and stuff.

But yea, Sorceror’s right, its a great game that’s worthy of having debates over. There’s so much that you can discuss about the game. Especially the whole

Tidus being a dream of the fayth thing. I might make a seperate thread later so we can discuss it, and I can get a few things cleared up, hopefully.

How can you prove that you arent just a dream ?
How does one prove their existance ? Are we all a part of a big dream ? or are we all just small parts of little dreams ? Ever have a dream within a dream that you didnt know was a dream untill you found a hole, like the whole, “i went to read my book, but then it just starts over from the begining” thing ?